Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Zeeland Yachts in the First Anglo-Dutch War I have been researching what I believe were three-masted yachts, from Zeeland. The yacht most usually mentioned is the Gloeyenden Oven. The list from about June 1652 lists it as having 14 guns and a crew of 56. The captain was Adriaan den Oven. While that is the usual ship name used, about November of 1652, around the time of the voyage that culminated in the Battle of Dungeness, Captain de Oven's yacht was mentioned as being the Jager. This is mentioned in Dr. Elias book, Schetsen uit de Geschiedenis van ons Zeewezen. There is a yacht mentioned in 1654, called the Zeeuwsche Jaeger, so that can't be the same ship. If Jager was another name for the Gloeyenden Oven, that yacht was not the same as the Zeeuwsche Jaeger. The reason is that the Gloeyenden Oven was used as a fireship at the Battle of the Gabbard, where she was captured by the English. Another Zeeland yacht was mentioned, as well, later in the year. The captain was Pieter Gorcum. Witte de With sent him to meet Michiel de Ruyter, before he joined the main fleet. My tentative theory is that his ship was the Dordrecht, of 17guns, that is listed in the "Staet van Oorlog te Water voor den jaere 1654".

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