Friday, June 30, 2006

My most current, best estimate of the 36 Cruisers funded in 1651

In the process of compiling the complete list of Dutch ships in the First Anglo-Dutch War, organized by funding, I prepared a new version of the list of 36 Cruisers funded in 1651. This list has the benefit of having the Forty Ships of 1648 included in the process:
36 Cruisers of 1652

Rotterdam (7 ships)

Adm Ship                  Guns Crew Date Commander
R   Prinses Louise        36   124  1646 Witte de With
R   Gelderland            40   140  1634 Michiel Fransz van der Bergh
R   Prinses Roijael Marie 34   130  1643 Willem Joosten van Colster
R   Gorinchem             30   131  1639 Jan Jacobsz van Nes
R   Wapen van Holland     30    95  1639 Hendrick de Munnick
R   Gelderland            30   131  ?    Dirck Jansz Juynbol
R   Brederode             54   270  1645 luitenant admiraal Tromp
                                         Flag Captain Abel Roelantsz Verboom

Amsterdam (14 ships)

Adm Ship                  Guns Crew Date Commander
A   Ter Goes              40   140  1641 
A   Groningen             40   140  1641 
A   Haarlem               40   140  1644 
A   Leeuwarden            36   130  1645 
A   Maan                  40   140  1643 
A   Zeven Provincien      40   140  1643 
A   Zon                   40   140  1640 
A   Zutphen               34   130  1636 
A   Graaf Willem          40   140  1649 
A   Vrede                 42   150  1650 Gideon de Wildt
A   Enkhuizen             34   120  1651 Cornelis Tromp
A   Jaarsveld             44   160  1651 Joris van Cats
A   Vrijheid              46   160  1651 Augustijn Balck
A   Campen                40   140  1652 Joris van der Zaan

Zeeland (7 ships)

Adm Ship              Guns Crew Date Commander
Z   Meermin           34   100  1641 Jacob Wolfertszoon
Z   Zeelandia         32   100  1642 
Z   Amsterdam         30   120  ?    Adriaan Kempen
Z   Hollandia         36   116  ?    Jan Evertsen
Z   Wapen van Zeeland 30   120  ?    Cornelis Evertsen de Oude
Z   Zeeridder         28   100  1652 Gillis Janszoon
Z   Liefde            30   110  ?    Frans Crijnsz Mangelaer

Noorderkwartier (7 ships)

Adm Ship              Guns Crew Date Commander
N   Alkmaar             28  95       Jan Warnaertszoon Capelman
N   Eendracht           40 140  1639 Jacob de Boer
N   Jonge Prins         28 115       Cornelis Barentsz Slordt
N   Monnikendam         36 138       Pieter Florisz   
N   Prinses Roijaal     34 140       Albert Cornelisz ’t Hoen
N   Stad van Medemblik  30 110       Pieter Schellinger 
N   Wapen van Enkhuizen 34 110  1645 Gerrit Femsen

Friesland (1 ship)

Adm Ship              Guns Crew Date Commander
F  Breda              32   ?    1637 Adriaan Bruynsvelt

Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Gelderland and the list dated 26 February 1652

In the 26 February 1652 document, Jan van Nes, the Jonge Boer Jaep, is listed as commanding a ship named Gelderland, which is given dimensions that are similar to those for the small frigates Utrecht and Overijssel. All these ships were in the service of the Admiralty of the Maze (Rotterdam). The dimensions in Maas feet were 100ft x 23ft x 8ft. Converted to the more usual Amsterdam feet (283mm), the dimensions were about 109ft x 25ft x 8.75ft. The Gelderland carried 20 guns, while the Utrecht and Overijssel carried 22 guns, each. One key question is if the dimensions and armament in this list are accurate. The other smaller Gelderland was commanded by Aert Janszoon van Nes, and was of the 116ft charter. The much larger 40-gun Gelderland was commanded by Michiel Franszoon van den Bergh, and served in the Mediterranean Sea in 1652 and into 1653. The large Gelderland was built to the 128ft charter.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My rather unsatisfactory list of ships returning from Brazil in June 1652

This list is unsatisfactory in the sense that there are so many holes. This is the list of Dutch warships that returned from Brazil in June 1652:
Ten ships sent to Brazil

Adm Ship              Guns Crew Date Commander               Fate
A  Aemelia            28   100  1649 Floris van Oy           arrived on 12 June
A  Graaf Willem       40   140  1649 kapitein Tas            arrived on 20 June
A  Westfriesland      28   100  1648 kapitein Boonacker      arrived on 20 June
F  a ship                            Tjaert de Groot         arrived on 13 June
Z  a ship                            kapitein Loncq          arrived on 20 June
R  Gulden Dophijn     32        1634 Marinus de Clercq       arrived on 25 June
R  Nijmegen           26    90  1645 Paulus van den Kerckhoff sunk
A  Gewapende Ruiter   36   ?    1648 Boëtius Schaeff         captured
A  Overijssel         28   ?    ?    Steven Cuyper           returned and sold
A  Nassau             ?    ?    ?    ?                       returned and sold

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Information about Joost Banckert de Jonge

Joost Banckert de Jonge had commanded the ship Liefde (26 guns) in the First Anglo-Dutch War up to the Battle of Portland. I had known that he was killed in the battle, but I only realized last night that his ship had been captured, as well. That means that I will need to revise my ideas about the ships in the service of the Admiralty of Zeeland, later in 1653.

Monday, June 26, 2006

The Directors ships that had been lost by March 1653

While De Jonge said that 8 Directors' ships had been lost by March 1653, the actual number was greater than that.
Adm    Commander                     Ship              Guns Crew Date Lost   Captain
A-Dir  Abraham van Campen            Arke Troijane     28   100  28 Feb 1653 killed
R-Dir  Jacob Cleijdijck              Meerman           30   120  28 Feb 1653 saved
A-Dir  Sipke Fockes                  Groote Sint Lucas 28   ?    28 Mar 1653 killed
A-Dir  Stoffel Juriaenszoon          Sint Francisco    28   105   2 Mar 1653 unknown
En-Dir Gijsbert Malcontent           some ship         28   110   2 Mar 1652 killed
R-Dir  Sijmon Cornelisz van der Meer Prins             ?    ?     ? Jun 1652 saved
A-Dir  Cornelis Jansz Poort          Kroon Imperiaal   34   125  28 Feb 1653 killed
Mi-Dir Jan le Sage                   Vergulde Haan     30   105   1 Mar 1653 killed
A-Dir  Bruyn van Seelst              Groote Liefde     38   135   1 Mar 1653 killed?
Mi-Dir Bastiaan Tuyneman             Sint Laurens      30   105  29 May 1652 captured
A-Dir  Nicolaes de With              Prins Maurits     34   115  19 Nov 1652 unknown
I had thought that Johannes Regermorter's ship was captured or sunk, but that is not the case. He was killed at Portland, however.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Perhaps we can make some progress on the Admiralty of Zeeland in March 1653

De Jonge's list for March 1653 might be helpful in filling in missing information for the ships of the Admiralty of Zeeland. In March 1653, they had 15 States' ships and 3 hired ships in service. Two of the States' ships were jachts. Carl Stapel has already made a valiant effort to complete the list. I have found that I cannot account for all the ships that I believed to be in service in March 1653, and this is probably another example. For people who have studied the information previously, a number of ships are listed with fewer guns than normal, such as the Wapen van Zeeland. In any case, this is my version of the list, as given by De Jonge:
States' Ships
Commander                 Ship              Guns Crew
Adriaan Banckert          Hollandia         36   116

Jacob Wolfertszoon        Meerman           34   100
Adriaan Nicolaesz Kempen  Amsterdam         32   100

Joost Willemsz Block      Zeelandia         32    85

Frans Crijnsz Mangelaer   Liefde            28   111
Cornelis Evertsen de Oude Wapen van Zeeland 28   85-111
Adriaan Jansz den Oven    Neptunus          28   85-111
Gillis Janszoon           Zeeridder         28   85-111
formerly Joost Banckert   Liefde            26    85
Claes Jansz Sanger        West Capelle      26   104
formerly Cornelis Kuiper  Goes              26    85
Laurens Pensier           Sint Jan          26    85
Dingeman Cats             Gecroonde Liefde  24    85

Pieter Gorcum             Dordrecht         17

Cornelis Kuijper          Jager             14    40
                        (often called the Gloeyenden Oven)

Hired Ships

Commander                 Ship              Guns Crew
Lambert Bartelszoon       some ship         28   85

Filips Joosten            Hollandia         26   85
Daniel Cornelisz Brackman some ship         24   85

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Witte de With's squadron in June and December 1652

Witte de With commanded a squadron at the outset of the First Anglo-Dutch War. For a brief period, he commanded the main fleet, and then he was back to being a squadron commander. His permanent rank was Vice-Admiral. We know his squadron's composition at several dates in 1652:
Commander                 Adm    Ship                  Guns Crew ? June 4 Aug 2 Dec
Augustijn Balck           A      Vrijheid              46   150  X      X     X
Ernestus de Bertrij       R      Hollandia             ?    ?    X      X     
Jan Jansz Boermans        A      Prins Willem          28   100  X      X    
Adriaan Bruynsvelt        F      Breda                 28    85*              X
Abraham van Campen        A-Dir  Arke Troijane         28   100               X
Gillis Thyssen Campen     A      Gouden Leeuw          24    80  X      X    
Jacob Cleijdijck          R-Dir  Meerman               30   120               X
Marinus de Clerck         R      some ship (Schiedam?) ?    ?                 X
Barent Cramer             A      Edam                  28   100  X      X
Pieter Gorcum             Z      Dordrecht, jacht      17    50  X      X
Albert de Graeff          A      Hollandia             32   110  X      X
Jan de Haes               R      Gulden Beer           24    80  X      X     X
Dirck Juynbol             R      Gelderland            30   131               X
Hendrick Kroeger          A      Leiden                28   100               X
Nicolaes Marrevelt        A      Zeelandia             36   120               X
Cornelis Naeuoogh         A-Dir  Sint Matheeus         36   135               X
Cornelis Jansz Poort      A-Dir  Kroon Imperiaal       34   125               X 
Dirck Schey               A      Achilles              28   100               X
Teunis Vechterszoon       N      Scheletje             24    70  X      X    
Dirck Vijch               R      Overijssel            22    80               X
Jan Reyndersz Wagenaer    F      Graaf Hendrick        30   100               X
Schelte Wiglema           F      Frisia                ?    ?                 X
Witte Cornelisz de With   R      Prinses Louise        36   120* X      X     X
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  2. Dr. S.R. Gardiner, Ed., The First Dutch War, Vol.I, 1898
  3. Dr. S. R. Gardiner, and C. T. Atkinson, Ed., The First Dutch War, Vol.III, 1906

Friday, June 23, 2006

Ships that joined Witte de With's fleet with De Ruyter prior to the Battle of the Kentish Knock

After Michiel De Ruyter's fleet had joined Witte de With, before the Battle of the Kentish Knock. Witte de With sent in a group of ships that had been with De Ruyter but were in need of repair, mostly from damage taken in the Battle of Plymouth. The rest of the ships stayed with the fleet. This is the list of ships that stayed:
Adm    Rank       Commander               Ship                  Guns Crew
R-Dir  luitenant  Jan Jansz van der Valch Sint Pieter           28   122
A      commandeur Jan Gideonsz Verburch   Graaf Willem          40   140
A      kapitein   Cornelis van Velsen     Gelderland            28   100
A-VOC  kapitein   Pieter Salmonszoon      Vrede                 40   200
A-VOC  kapitein   Douwe Auckes            Vogelstruis           40   200
A      kapitein   Lucas Albertssen        Drie Coningen         36   130
A      kapitein   Emmanuel Zalingen       Aartsengel Michiel    40   140*
A      kapitein   Sijmon van der Aeck     Amsterdam             30   100
A      kapitein   Isaak Sweers            Engel Gabriel         36   130
A      kapitein   Jan Egbertsz Ooms       Gouda                 28    86
A      kapitein   Claes Sael              Maria                 30   100
Z      kapitein   Frans Crijsz Mangelaer  Liefde                30   110
Z      kapitein   Cornelis Loncke         Faam                  30   110
Vl-Dir kapitein   Leendert den Haen       Haes in 't Velt       30   108
Z      kapitein   Laurens Pensier         Sint Jan              26   100
Z      kapitein   Cornelis Kuijper        Ter Goes              26   109
N      kapitein   Gabriel Antheunissen    Kasteel van Medemblik 26   100
N      luitenant  Tijmen Claeszoon        Westergo              28    98
N      kapitein   Reinier Sekema          Hector van Troijen    24    70
  1. James C. Bender, unpublished manuscript "Dutch Ships 1600-1700", 2005
  2. Dr. S.R. Gardiner, Ed., The First Dutch War, Vol.II, 1900

Thursday, June 22, 2006

English Captain: John Grove

John Grove served in both the Commonwealth and Restoration navies. From 1653 until 1654, he commanded the 4th Rate Marmaduke. From 1654 until 1655, he commanded the Dutch prize Cardiff (ex-Fortuijn). From 1655 until after the Restoration, he commanded the 5th Rate Pembroke. He was continued in command in 1660, although it is not clear for how long. He died sometime before 1689. Sources:
  1. R. C. Anderson, List of English Naval Captains 1642-1660, 1964
  2. R. C. Anderson, Lists of Men-of-War 1650-1700: Part I English Ships 1649-1702, 1966
  3. David Syrett, R. L. DiNardo, The Commissioned Sea Officers of the Royal Navy 1660-1815, 1994
  4. J.R. Tanner, A Descriptive Catalogue of the Naval Manuscripts in the Pepysian Library at Magdalene College, Cambridge, Vol.I, 1903

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I am having trouble explaining a short list of ships from Jan Glete's notes

I have been fascinated by a short list of ship names from Jan Glete's notes from the Nationaal Archief when he was doing research a long time ago for his book Navies and Nations (I believe). The list has some very interesting names, and was included in his notes about Directors' ships hired in 1652 and 1653. This is the list, dating from 30 March 1652, as best as I can recreate it:
Wesp (Weesp?)
The list is a problem, because we think that we know the composition of the "Fifty Ships", none of these names are part of that list. Rick van Velden was not able to find the list from 30 March 1652, so finding the truth will entail searching in the Nationaal Archief, presumably under the area where the Directors' ships information is located.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

One of the best books in the Google Book Search

For the researcher in 17th Century naval history, one of the gems in Google Book Search is Granville Penn's biography of Sir William Penn, dating from 1833. I own a poor copy that is very fragile and in tatters. One of the most useful features is the presence of many ship lists, especially those dating from the English Civil War. They provide details about ships that later served in the First Anglo-Dutch War. There is an interesting list dating from April 1642 that starts on page 22 of Volume I. You can find the next page (page 23) by searching in Google Book Search for "Hopeful Luke" with the quotation marks. There are many more like that list that are useful for firming up data about ships in service in the period of 1642 to 1652. (see Granville Penn's book, Memorials of the Professional Life of Admiral Sir William Penn, London, 1833).

Monday, June 19, 2006

Ayscue's squadron sent to Barbados, returning in early 1652

Sir George Ayscue was sent with a squadron to Barbados to take action against Royalists and Dutch merchants trading there. The squadron returned home sometime in early 1652. This is the list of ships:
Rate Ship                 Date   Guns Crew  Commander
2nd  Rainbow              1617   52   280   Sir George Ayscue
4th  Amity                1650   36   150   Michael Packe
5th  Success (M)          1650   30    90   Edward Witheridge
5th  Ruth (M)                    30    80   Edward Thompson
5th  Brazil frigate (M)          24    70   Thomas Heath
5th  Malaga Merchant (M)         30    90   Henry Collins
4th  Increase of London (M)      36   100   Thomas Varvell
  1. R. C. Anderson, Lists of Men-of-War 1650-1700: Part I English Ships 1649-1702, 1966
  2. Dr. S.R. Gardiner, Ed., The First Dutch War, Vol.I, 1898

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The original 50 Directors' ships of 1652

I think at this point, we can make a pretty complete listing of the Fifty Directors' ships of 1652:
7 Rotterdam Directors' ships

Adm   Captain                      Ship              Guns Crew
R-Dir Ruth Jacobsz Buys            a ship            26   105
R-Dir Jan Evertsz de Liefde        Jonas             36   125
R-Dir Jacob Cleijdijck             Meerman           30   120
R-Dir Isaak de Jongh               Sint Pieter       29   110
R-Dir Adriaan de Zeeuw             Burcht            28   105
R-Dir Simon Cornelisz van der Meer Prins             ?    ?
R-Dir Corstiaen Corstiaenszoon     Prins te Paard    38   120

24 Amsterdam Directors' ships

Adm   Captain                      Ship              Guns Crew
A-Dir Jan Maijkers                 Alexander         28   100
A-Dir Dirck Pater                  Blauwe Arend      28   105
A-Dir Matthijs Corneliszoon        Sint Salvador     34   120
A-Dir Jacob Swart                  Vliegende Faam    28   110
A-Dir Abraham van Campen           Arke Troijane     28   100
A-Dir Cornelis Jansz Poort         Kroon Imperiaal   34   125
A-Dir Cornelis Jansz Brouwer       Valck             28   105
A-Dir Maarten de Graeff            Prinses Roijaal   28   110
A-Dir Gerrit van Lummen            Neptunis          36   125
A-Dir Cornelis Naeuoogh            Sint Matheeus     36   135
A-Dir Nicolaes de With             Prins Maurits     34   115
A-Dir Gerrit Schuyt                Rooseboom         28   105
A-Dir Bastiaen Bardoel             Engel Gabriel     28   110
A-Dir Cornelis van Houtten         Witte Lam         30   110
A-Dir Stoffel Juriaenszoon         Sint Francisco    28   105
A-Dir Jacob Sijvertsz Spanheijm    Elias             34   121
A-Dir Hendrick de Raedt            Zwarte Leeuw      30   130
A-Dir Sipke Fockes                 Sint Maria        28   100
A-Dir Bruyn van Seelst             Groote Liefde     38   125
A-Dir Lambert Pieterszoon          Nassouw           34   130
A-Dir Fredrick de Coninck   Groote Vergulde Fortuijn 35   135
A-Dir Fredrick Bogaert             Engel Michiel     30   115

9 Zeeland Directors' ships

Adm    Captain                    Ship                Guns Crew
Mi-Dir Jan Le Sage                Vergulde Haan       30   105
Mi-Dir Jacob Adriaansz Penssen    Gouden Leeuw        30   110
Mi-Dir Johannes van Regermorter   some ship           30   105
Mi-Dir Bastiaan Tuyneman          Sint Laurens        30   105
Vl-Dir Jan Thyssen                Witte Lam           32   110
Vl-Dir Cornelis Evertsen de Jonge Vlissingen          26   110
Vl-Dir Allert Janszoon            Dubbele Arend       28   110
Zi-Dir Cornelis Rocusz Fincen     Liefde              34   110
Ve-Dir Jan Olivierszoon           Wapen van der Veere 38   125

7 Noorderkwartier Directors' Ships

Adm    Captain                      Ship               Guns Crew
Ho-Dir Jacob Pietersz Houck         Sampson            30   110
Ho-Dir Pieter Adriaensz van Blocker a ship             28   105
En-Dir Gijsbert Malcontent          a ship             28   110
En-Dir Jacob Claesz Duijm           Vergulde Zon       28   108
Me-Dir Jan Pietersz Deught          Sint Jeronimus     30   110
Ed-Dir Jan Fredricksz Houcboot      Vergulde Meerman   30   110
Mo-Dir Jacob Claesz Boot            Zwarte Beer        32   115

2 Friesland Directors' ships

Adm    Captain                      Ship               Guns Crew
Ha-Dir Andries Douwesz Pascaert     Sint Vincent       28   105
Ha-Dir Adriaan Heeres Cleijntien    Vergulde Pelicaen  28   100

1 Groningen Directors' ship

Adm    Captain                      Ship               Guns Crew
Gr-Dir Joost Bulter                 Kameel             42   ?
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Friday, June 16, 2006

From the list of Convoy ships from 1652

In The First Dutch War, Vol.IV, there are three ships mentioned in a translated memorandum, listing convoy ships. The list very likely dates from sometime in 1652:
Adm Captain                   Ship              Guns  Crew
N   Tijs Tijmensz Peereboom   Peereboom         24    70
N   Teunis Vechterszoon       Scheletje         24    70
N   Willem Ham                Sampson           24    80
Willem Ham's ship was taken by the English in the "Disaster" on 22 July 1652, when the fishery protection squadron ships were captured or sunk. Until at least after October, Teunis Vechterszoon's ship was part of Witte de With's squadron. Hendrik de Raedt's pamphlet says of the ship that it was "of Medemblick". Tijs Tijmensz Peereboom served at least until the summer of 1653.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Witte de With's fleet on 17 September 1652

Several days before the Battle of the Kentish Knock, Witte de With's fleet consisted of the following ships and captains:
Rotterdam Admiralty Ships

Prinses Louise, 36 guns   Vice-Admiral Witte de With
Gorinchem, 30 guns        Captain Jan Jacobsz van Nes

Rotterdam Directors' Ships

Prins te Paard, 38 guns   Captain Corstiaen Corstiaenszoon
some ship, 26 guns        Captain Ruth Jacobsz Buys

Amsterdam Admiralty Ships

Vrede, 42 guns            Commandeur Gideon de Wildte
Campen, 38 guns           Captain Joris van der Zaan
some ship, 26 guns        Captain Abraham van der Hulst
Leiden, 28 guns           Captain Cornelis Cornelisz Jol (Hoola)
Zutphen, 28 guns          Captain Ewout Jeroenszoon
Hollandsche Tuin, 24 guns Captain Hillebrandt Jeroenszoon
Gouden Leeuw, 24 guns     Captain Gillis Thyssen Campen
Achilles, 28 guns         Captain Dirk Schey
Star, 28 guns             Captain Jacob Paulusz Cort
Hollandia, 32 guns        Captain Albert Claesz de Graeff
Zeelandia, 36 guns        Lieutenant-Commander Nicolaes Marrevelt

Amsterdam Directors' Ships

Faam, 28 guns             Captain Jacob Andriesz Swart
Witte Lam, 28 guns        Captain Cornelis van Houtten
Arke Troijane, 28 guns    Captain Abraham van Campen
Sint Francisco, 28 guns   Captain Stoffel Juriaenszoon

Zeeland Admiralty Ships

Wapen van Zeeland, 30 guns Commandeur Cornelis Evertsen de Oude
some ship, 26 guns         Captain Adriaan Banckert
Amsterdam, 30 guns         Captain Adriaan Kempen
Hollandia, ? guns          Captain Philips Joosten
Dordrecht, 17 guns         Captain Pieter Gorcum
Zeeridder, 28 guns         Captain Gillis Janszoon

East Indiamen from Middelburg

Prins Willem, 40 guns      Captain Jacob Gaeuw
Louisa Hendrika, 45 guns   Captain Pieter Marcuszoon

Zeeland Directors Ships

Dubbele Arend, 26 guns     Captain Allert Janszoon (Vlissingen)
some ship, 30 guns         Captain Johannes van Regermorter (Middelburg)
Haes in 't Veld, 30 guns   Captain Bastiaan Sentsen (Centsen or Centen) (Vlissingen)
Gouden Leeuw, 30 guns      Captain Jacob Adriaansz Penssen (Middelburg)

Noorderkwartier Admiralty Ships

Prins Maurits, 28 guns       Captain Cornelis Pietersz Taeman
Monnick, 24 guns             Captain Arent Dirckszoon
Burcht van Alkmaar, 24 guns  Captain Gerrit Nobel
Wapen van Enkhuizen, 30 guns Captain Gerrit Femssen

Friesland Admiralty Ships

some ship, ? guns            Captain Belevelt
Frisia, ? guns               Captain Schelte Wiglema
Gelderland, 24 guns          Captain Laurens Degelcamp
Breda, 28 guns               Captain Adriaan Bruynsveld


Eenhoorn          commandeur Laurens Josiaszoon
Vale Haen         commandeur Pieter Marcuszoon
Graaf Sonderlandt commandeur Hendrick Janszoon
Vergulde Buys     commandeur Ary Cornelsz
Amsterdam         commandeur Dirck Dirckszoon
Hoop              commandeur Schooneveld
Vos               commandeur Jan Jacobszoon
some fireship     commandeur Jacob Janszoon  
The fireship data is not quite so reliable as the other data, as I had to rely on the document from The First Dutch War, Vol.II. I used my unpublished paper "Dutch Ships 1600-1700" to fill in the details, as well as my document "The Dutch Fleet on 4 August 1652 as listed in Hendrik de Raedt's pamphlet". That document is less complete for fireships.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Poort van Troijen

The Onstelde-Zee was published in 1654. The book is very rare, and is an account of the First Anglo-Dutch War from the Dutch perspective. The book was published shortly after the end of the war, and has a great deal of animosity towards the English, perhaps understandably. The author, Jodocus Hondius, names a few ships in the book. One of them is the Poort van Troijen. What Hondius wrote was something like this on page 83 of the Onstelde-Zee:

Den Capiteyn op de Poort van Trojen , raakten regens een Engelfman heftigh Slaags, die hy zoo luftigh war in zyn Staertse ribben gaf, zoo dat hy een Schoot onder water hebbende'thag-je, rnoft laten glijen, en zigh over gaf.

De Kapiteyn met zyn Volk van de Poort van Trojen bemerkende dat den Engelsman zoude zinken, haalden degerectste goederen daar uyt, onder andren ook een deel Sek, daar mede zy haar vrolijk maakten , zonder aght te nemen oft zy ook onder water ge aakt waren, onder wyl zy dan dus over haar verkregen Victorie heel Sorgeloos malkander luftigh toe braghten en dronken maakten zo zonk haar Schip (dat mede onder water geschoten was) vast wegh begevende een deel van haar dit ongeluk ziende inde boot, zoo dat daar af maar 9 mannen ontquamen , eenige andre met de tweede boot wilende vlughten , geraakten onder de Nok van de Focke-Ree, die haar (alzoo 't Schip Schielijk oversloegh te zink n ) onder water mede sleepten.

This is based on an OCR of the document. It was corrected, but still may have variances from the archaic spellings in the document. I tried to change all the places where there was an "f" that was there because of the archaic "s" that looked like an "f" without the horizontal bar. Dr. Ballhausen identified this ship with Jacob Sievertsz Spanheijm, who was killed in the battle. However, we know that his ship was actually the Elias (34 guns), and the Elias survived the battle, only to be captured at the Battle of the Gabbard in June 1653. The only ship at Portland with a similar name was Abraham van Campen's ship, the Arke Troijane (28 guns). Abraham van Campen was killed and his ship was sunk in the battle.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Did the ships bound for Brazil in early July 1652 join the fleet?

Page 282 of The First Dutch War, Vol.V, mentions at least two ships bound for Brazil that seem to have been ordered to join the Dutch fleet, instead. One was the Witte Eenhoorn, lying in the Delft harbour. The other ship was the Gecroonde Haes, commanded by Captain Ezechiel or Ezekiel. Did these ships actually join the fleet, or not?

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Noorderkwartier Directors' ships from 1652 until 1653

Reaction to this list is basically "nothing new here", but it is a summary of my current information and analysis about what ships were hired by the Directors in the port cities in the Noorderkwartier during 1652 to 1653. This is the list:
Edam Directors

Ship             Guns Crew Captain                  Sources:
Vergulde Meerman 30   110  Jan Fredericksz Houcboot raedt, fleet2
Halve Maan       30*  110* Hendrick Pieterszoon     1DW4 p.324, 
                                                      aitzema3 p.822

Enkhuizen Directors

Ship           Guns Crew Captain              Sources:
?              28   110  Gijsbert Malcontent  raedt, 1DW1
Vergulde Zon   28   105  Jacob Claesz Duijm   fleet2, 1DW1, 1DW4, raedt

Hoorn Directors

Ship     Guns Crew Captain                      Sources:
Sampson  30   110  Jacob Pietersz Hoeck (Houck) raedt, fleet2
?        28   105  Pieter Adriaensz van Blocker raedt, 1DW1

Medemblik Directors

Ship            Guns Crew Captain                Sources:
Sint Jeronimus  30   110  Jan Pietersz Deught    raedt, 1DW3, schet4
Koning Radbout  ?    ?    Jan Rootjes (Rootiers) schet6, 1DW5 p.185,
                                                   1DW6 pp.160 & 175

Monnikendam Directors

Ship          Guns Crew Captain              Sources:
Zwarte Beer   32   115  Jacob Claesz Boot    raedt, 1DW3, schet4



Aitzema3 Lieuwe van Aitzema, Staet in Oorlogh in ende omtrent 
              de Vereenigte Nederlanden, Vol.III, 1655-1671
1DW1     Dr. S.R. Gardiner, Ed., The First Dutch War, Vol.I, 1898
1DW3     Dr. S. R. Gardiner, and C. T. Atkinson, Ed., 
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fleet2   list of the Dutch fleet 19/20 September 1652 from the Nationaal Archief
raedt    Hendrik de Raedt, Lyste van de schepen van Oorloge onder het 
             beleyt Admirael Marten Harpersz. Tromp, 1652

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dutch Commander of Marines: Gerolf van Isselmuyden

Gerolf van Isselmuyden lived until 11 August 1674. In 1672, he was commander of the sea soldiers. He distinguished himself in the defense of the Smyrna convoy under De Haze. Also in 1672, he was severely wounded in the Battle of Solebay. In 1674, he was killed as captain of the marines in the Battle of Senef. The Battle of Senef was fought between armies commanded by Prince Condé for the French and William of Orange. My piece about Francois Palm has a little more on the Battle of Senef, where Francois Palm was also killed. Sources:
  1. James C. Bender, "Dutch Captain: Francois Palm", 17th Century Naval Wargaming, 2005
  2. J. C. Mollema, De Eere Rol, from Geschiedenis van Nederland ter Zee, Vol.II, 1940

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Dutch Naval Officer: Gerard van Meeckeren

Gerard van Meeckeren was a Zeeland naval officer. He lived from about 1500 until about 1570. He was a Vice-Admiral of Flanders, Holland, and Zeeland from 1523 until 1553. In 1528, he fought the French near Dieppe and sank the French vice-admiral. In 1532, he was vice-admiral of a squadron in the Sound. He was Lieutenant-Admiral of the admiralty of Burgundy-Beveren in 1533. Also in 1533, he opened the Sound for Dutch shipping. In 1636, he took many prizes in the war on France. In 1543, he was a squadron commander on the French coast. He burnt many ships in the Garonne. In 1544, he was a squadron commander in the Channel. On 1 December 1553, he was Vice-Admiral of Dunkirk. As Vice-Admiral of Dunkirk, he was responsible for the supervision of the Dunkirk herring fishery. He left the service on 2 July 1562. This is based on my translation of the two sources. Sources:
  1. Luc Eekhout, Het Admiralenboek: De Vlagofficieren van de Nederlandse marine 1382-1991, 1992
  2. J. C. Mollema, De Eere Rol, from Geschiedenis van Nederland ter Zee, Vol.II, 1940

Friday, June 09, 2006

More about Cornelis Corneliszoon de Groot

I have previously written about Cornelis Corneliszoon de Groot (July 10, 2004). I noticed his name in my list, and I wanted to do some further research. On 17 April 1653, Cornelis de Groot served in Witte de With's squadron and attended a council of war on board the ship Luipaard. Cornelis de Groot was one of a number of captains from Witte de With's squadron who was present. The list of naval officers included (some of which may not have been captains):
Witte Cornelisz de With
Jan Jansz de Lapper (who apparently was illiterate)
Leendert Arensz Haexwant
Maarten Schaeff
Dirk Vijch
Claes Bastiaensz van Jaersvelt
Gerbrant Schatter
Govert Reael
Gerrit Schuyt
Cornelis Jacobsz Brouwer
Cornelis Cornelisz de Groot
Jan Pietersz van Strijp
Pieter Janszoon
Egbert Janszoon Schaeff
Hendrick Hendrickszoon
J. J. Vermoes
Cornelis Taenman
Hendrik Kroeger
Frederick Bogaart
Cornelis de Groot had told the group that the Bay of Scarborough was not a location where the Dutch fleet could successfully engage the English. It was "an unsheltered lee coast", and the seas were usually high, because of lack of shelter and the winds which were typical there. The bay is also very narrow, which would hamper maneuver. From documents, we know that Cornelis Cornelisz de Groot's ship was the Samson, a ship of the Amsterdam Directors. We know her specifications:
28 guns
crew 100 men

Length: 119ft
Beam:    28ft
Hold:    13ft
Height between decks: 6.25ft or 6.5ft

Guns: 10-12pdr, 8-8pdr, 8-6pdr, and 2-3pdr
  1. C. T. Atkinson, Ed., The First Dutch War, Vol.IV, 1910
  2. Johan E. Elias, Schetsen uit de Geschiedenis van ons Zeewezen, Vol.IV, 1927
  3. document listing Amsterdam Directors' ships dated 27 January 1653, 1653

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dutch Captain: Jacob Anthoniszoon

Jacob Anthoniszoon was a captain and fought in the Dutch rebellion against Spain with the Sea Beggars (Watergeus). He was born in Haarlem lived until about 1590. In 1572, he fought in the capture of Den Briel. In 1573, he commanded the Kleine Galei on the Haarlemmermeer and recaptured the Groote Galei. He took part in the attempt on Haarlem in 1573. In 1588, he served under Van Duyvenvoorde on the Flemish coast. In 1589, he was a Vice-Admiral of Amsterdam before Dunkirk. Sources:
  1. Luc Eekhout, Het Admiralenboek: De Vlagofficieren van de Nederlandse marine 1382-1991, 1992
  2. J. C. Mollema, De Eere Rol, from Geschiedenis van Nederland ter Zee, Vol.II, 1940

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I have been dismayed with Blogger the last few days, especially, due to some severe outages that have started in the late morning. The one today lasted 9 hours or more, with some momentary returns to service. I will try to do some writing while they are up.

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My current research project

For the short term, I am working on an improved list of the Dutch ships which fought in the Three Days' Battle, or Battle of Portland. I am using The First Dutch War, Schetsen uit de Geschiedenis van ons Zeewezen, the Hollandsche Mercurius for 1653, some archival documents from 1653, and De Sneuper website for Frisian ships and captains. I also will be reluctantly using Dr. Ballhausen's book, despite its obvious faults. I will also be consulting the volume of Saken van Staet in Oorlogh in ende omtrent de Vereenigte Nederlanden that covers early 1653 and Hondius's book Onstelde-Zee oft Zeedaden voorgevallen tusschen d. Vereenigde. Nederland en Engelandt, from 1654. I don't expect much from the last, but feel compelled to consult it for completeness.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The nine Zeeland Directors' ships in July 1653

Carl Stapel had a list of the Zeeland Directors' ships in his list of ships at Vlissingen in July 1653. I have tried to correct and fill in the gaps for that list. This reflects my latest estimates:

Directors      Ship             Guns  Commander
Middelburg-dir Leeuwin          30    vice-admiraal Johan Evertsen
                                      vlagcapitein Claes Janszoon?
Vlissingen-dir Vlissingen       26    capitein Cornelis Evertsen de Jonge  
Veere-dir      Wapen ter Veere  38    capitein Jan Olivierszoon
Middelburg-dir Gouden Leeuw     30    capiteun Jacob Adriaansz Penssen  
Vlissingen-dir Witte Lam        40    cmdr Michiel de Ruyter 
Middelburg-dir Gekroonde Liefde 36    capitein Markus Hartman 
Vlissingen-dir Haes in 't Velt  30    capitein Bastiaan Centen
Zierikzee-dir  Liefde           34    Cornelis Rocusz Fincen
Vlissingen-dir Dubbele Arend    26    formerly commanded by Allert Janszoon

Monday, June 05, 2006

The ships that I listed for 1654 are not a complete list

My list of Dutch ships in 1654 are just those whose captain I know and where I have a list of the guns carried. There are more ships mentioned in the Staet van Oorlog te Water for the year 1654 than I have shown. Carl Stapel compiled a list that included:
Amsterdam 17 ships
Friesland  5 ships
the Maze (Rotterdam) 12 ships
Noorderkwartier 7 ships
Zeeland   20 ships
At least one of the Zeeland ships listed in the Staet had been sunk at the Battle of Scheveningen in August 1653. This was the small warship West Capelle, commanded by Claes Janszoon Sanger. This was the ship also known as the Galjas van Middelburg, and which fought in the Battle of Plymouth in August 1652.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Some odd armaments on Dutch ships in 1654

I have not seen an explanation for some of the down-gunning of Dutch ships in 1654 that is evident from the Staet van Oorlog te Water for the year 1654. I have wondered if it was because of a gun shortage, as there were new ships to arm, or if it was reduced armament for overseas service. There were also many ships with an odd assortment of guns, as though they were armed with whatever guns could be found. There are some shot weights that seem to have been very non-standard (such as the 14pdr). In any case, these are examples of the phenomena:
Ad = Admiralty
Ch.=Chambered gun
SbN=Schout-bij-Nacht (Rear-Admiral)

Ad Ship                  Captain                   Guns Gun List
A  Stavoren              Evert Anthonisz             32 4-24pr,20-12pr,4-8pr,4-6pr drakes
R  Gelderland           Michiel Fransz van den Bergh 40 18-18pr,10-12pr,2-Ch.12pr,6-6pr,
R  Haij, jacht           Jan Jansz Blom              10 6-4pr,4-ss
F  Westergo              Allert Pietersz de Boer     44 2-24pr,12-18pr,12-12pr,10-8pr,8-6pr
A  Stad en Lande         Pieter van Brakel           48 22-18pr,20-8pr,6-6pr drakes
F  Prinses Albertina     Adriaan Bruynsvelt          44 14-18pr,12-12pr,10-8pr,8-6pr
A  Groningen             Gillis Tijssen Campen       34 18-12pr,4-10pr,8-8pr,4-4pr
A  Huis van Jaarsveld    Jan van Campen              32 2-24pr,20-12pr,6-8pr,4-6pr drakes
F  Omlandia              Laurens Degelcamp           30 2-12pr,3-9pr,6-8pr,6-6pr,9-5pr,2-4pr,2-3pr
N  Wapen van Alkmaar     Arent Dircksz               28 4-12pr,14-8pr,6-6pr,4-4pr
R  Gorinchem (Gorcum)    Corstiaen Eldertsz          30 2-15pr,16-12pr,6-6pr,6-5pr
N  Jozua                 Vice-Adm Pieter Florissen   50 4-24pr,18-18pr,10-12pr,10-8pr,4-6pr,4-4pr
R  Utrecht               Leendert Adriaansz Haexwant 22 6-Ch.12pr,10-8pr,2-6pr,4-4pr
N  Prinses Roijaal       Captain Ham                 24 2-18pr,2-14pr,4-12pr,12-8pr,4-6pr
N  Eenhoorn              Jan Jansz Heck              30 7-12pr,2-14pr,4-12pr,12-8pr,4-6pr
N  Kasteel van Medemblik Adriaan Houttuijn           28 10-12pr,8-8pr,6-4pr,2-3pr
A  Vrijheid              Abraham van der Hulst       46 4-24pr,18-18pr,6-12pr,14-8pr,4-6pr drakes
A  Maan                  Hendrik Huyskens            40 4-18pr,16-12pr,16-8pr,4-4pr
R  Dolphijn              Paulus van den Kerckhoff    32 2-Ch.24pr,18-12pr,8-6pr,2-Ch.5pr,2-4pr
R  Prins Willem          Hendrik Jansz de Munnick*   44 4-24pr,10-18pr,12-12pr,10-8pr,8-6pr
R  Prinses Louise        Aert Jansz van Nes          38 4-24pr,20-12pr,10-Ch.12pr,4-Ch.5pr
R  Gelderland            Aert Jansz van Nes          22 2-Ch.12pr,10-8pr,6-6pr,4-4pr
A  Leeuwarden            Jan Egbertsz Ooms           34 4-18pr,14-12pr,14-6pr,2-4pr
F  Oostergo              Rombout van der Parre       52 2-24pr,22-18pr,20-12pr,8-6pr
N  Enkhuizen             Dirk Gerritsz Pomp          28 4-12pr,14-8pr,6-6pr,4-4pr
A  Huis te Zwieten       Vice-Admiral de Ruyter      60 10-24pr,16-18pr,24-12pr,10-6pr drakes
A  Fortuijn, jacht       Pieter Salomonsz            14 14-4pr
A  Vereenigden Provincien Maarten Schaeff            32 4-24pr,14-12pr,10-8pr,4-6pr
A  Zuiderhuis            Dirk Schey                  32 4-18pr,16-12pr,4-10pr,4-8pr,4-6pr drakes
N  Jonge Prins           Cornelis Barentsz Slordt    28 2-24pr,10-12pr,8-8pr,2-5pr,4-4pr,2-2pr
F  Breda                 Captain Stellingwerff       32 6-12pr,10-8pr,12-6pr,4-4pr
A  Vrede                 Isaak Sweers                32 4-24pr,18-12pr,6-8pr,4-6pr drakes
A  Huis te Cruiningen    SbN Cornelis Tromp          54 24-18pr,6-12pr,16-8pr,8-6pr drakes
A  Amsterdam             Jan Gideonsz Verburgh       50 22-18pr,10-12pr,12-8pr,6-6pr drakes
R  Rotterdam             Jan Aertsz Verhaeff         30 2-Ch.24pr,18-18pr,8-8pr,2-Ch.4pr
A  Landman               Dirk Quirijnen Verveen      44 4-24pr,24-12pr,12-8pr,4-6pr drakes
R  Overijssel            Dirk Vijch                  22 4-Ch.24pr,2-12pr,4-8pr,12-6pr
R  Eendracht             Lt-Admiral van Wassenaer    58 16-24pr,12-12pr,20-8pr,10-6pr drakes
A  Huis te Oosterwijk    Gideon de Wildt             56 24-18pr,24-12pr,8-6pr drakes
R  Brederode             Witte Cornelisz de With     54 4-Ch.36pr,12-24pr,8-18pr,20-12pr,10-Ch.6pr
A  Campen                Willem van der Zaan         42 4-18pr,22-12pr,10-8pr,4-6pr drakes

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The list of ships for 1628

De Jonge has a list of ships for 1628, with numbers, guns, and ranges of lasts for all five admiralties. While I have a Staet van Oorlog te Water for the year 1628, this list appears to be more complete, although it lacks ship names, as is usual for De Jonge. This list contains multiple entries for ship, and multiple entries for captain, as in some cases, multiple captains commanded the same ship in the year and a captain may have commanded multiple ships in that same year. There also may be cases where there are variations of a captain's name that have so far gone unrecognized in my list. This is a starting point for analysis, at least.
Adm Ship               Captain                    Guns Crew  Size
N   Vliegende Texel    Jan Maertsz Aecker            ?  ?    ?   lasts
R   Vliegende Arent    Pieter Jansz Aersgat                  120 lasts
R   a jacht            Aert Aertsz                   ?  ?     20 lasts
A   Sphera Mundi       Evert Anthonisz               ?  ?    100 lasts
R   a jacht            Jan Gijsbertsz Arckel         ?  ?    ?   lasts
R   Leeuwinne          Cornelis de Bagijn            ?   90  180 lasts
A   Meermin            Claes Gerritsz Bardenwijl     ?  ?    100 lasts
N   Waterhond,jacht    Dirck Barentsz                ?   55   40 lasts
R   a ship             Captain Beaumont              ?  ?    ?   lasts
R   Jonas              Martin Crijne Beermans        ?  ?     90 lasts
Z?  Zeeuwsche Leeuw    Joosten Berck                 ?   85* 160 lasts
A   Orangieboom        Dirck Jansz Bijnacht          ?  ?    120 lasts
N   Dido, jacht        Harman Block                  10  59   48 lasts
Z   Arent              Jacob Danielsz Blockmaecker       70  ?   lasts
A   Gouden Leeuw       Jan Bocnan                    32  85  ?   lasts
A   Gulde Raven        Cornelis Jacobsz Boes         ?  ?    100 lasts
N   Roode Leeuw        Herman Bondervijnon           ?   85  130 lasts
R   Abrahams Offerande Claes Jorisz Bontenburch      ?   85  180 lasts
A   Sint Clara         Cornelis Jacobsz Bors         20  80  100 lasts
A   Goude Leeuw        Hans Bournon                  24  85  150 lasts 4/1628
A   Roode Leeuw        Hans Bournon                  ?  100  150 lasts later in 1628
Z   Sonne (Zon)        Pieter Jansz Bovne            ?   40  ?   lasts
A   Arnhem             Abraham Pietersz van Brakel   ?   30  ?   lasts
A   Duijff             Pieter Aertsz van Brakel      ?   42  ?   lasts
A   Witte Leeuw        Willem van Brederode          ?  ?     90 lasts
Z   Hoop               Cornelis Legiersz Broeder     ?   30  ?   lasts
R   Mars               Jan Matthijsz Brouwer          6  30   36 lasts
R   Abraham            Jan Bruijnsertsz              ?  ?    150 lasts
R   Donnoseiheijt      Pieter Loijsz Bul             ?  ?     40 lasts
N   Mars               Willem Codde van den Burch    ?  100  160 lasts
Z   Zeepaert           Jacob Cornelisz Calis         ?   70   80 lasts
A   Windhond, jacht    Tijs Hermansz van Campen      ?  ?     40 lasts
A   Meerminne          Floris Jansz Cats             16  70  100 lasts
A   Zeeland            Joris van Cats                30  95  200 lasts
A   Goude Leeuw        Tijmen Claesz                 12  60   80 lasts 3/1628
A   Macreel, jacht     Tijmen Claesz                 ?  ?     60 lasts later in 1628
A   Swarte Beer        Willem Jansz Clas             18  75  120 lasts
R   Neptunis, boat     Daniel Climmer                ?  ?     40 lasts
Z   Eenhoorn           Jan de Cock                   ?   30  ?   lasts
N   Eendracht          Willem Jansz Codde            36 100  300 lasts 5/1628
N   Mars               Willem Jansz Codde            ?   90  160 lasts 1628
R   a jacht of war     Jan Marinusz Coelantrouwer    ?  ?     20 lasts
R   Hollandsche Tuin   Pieter Marinusz Coelantrouwer  4* 30   40 lasts
R   Witte Fortuijn     Joris Alexander de Coninck     8  26   30 lasts
N   Valck              Volckert Coninck              ?   75  150 lasts
R   Swarte Leeuw       Frans Jacobsz Coniv           16  80  130 lasts
A   Wapen van Edam     Hendrick Hendricksz Cop       ?  100  150 lasts
Z   a ship             Daniel Cornelisz              ?   20  ?
R   Drie Coningen      Pieter Cornelisz              ?  ?     80 lasts
Z   Aeolus             Adriaan Sanders van Cruiningen?  ?    170 lasts
N   Griffoen           Cornelis Cuijter              ?   75  100 lasts
A   Heij               Wolfert van Deijman           18  60   60 lasts
A   Leiden             Hendrick Cornelisz Denijs     ?  ?    110 lasts
A   Gelderland         Hendrick Cornelisz Denijs     26 120  200 lasts 
R   a new galley       Jan van Dieman                ?  ?    ?   lasts
R   Duijvel            Joris Dirck                   ?  ?     40 lasts
N   Medemblick         Jan Dircksz                   ?   75  150 lasts
N   Gouden Leeuw       Jacob Sijmonsz Dolphijn       ?   75  180 lasts
A   Huis van Nassau    Barent Pietersz Dorrevelt     22  80  130 lasts
R   Sonne (Zon)        Dirck Willemsz Duijmass        6  40   30 lasts
Z   Neptunis           Pieter Cornelisz Duivichrijck ?   30  ?   lasts
N   Hollandsche Tuin   Jan Eliasz                    28  85  200 lasts
Z   Zeeridder          Jan Evertsen                  ?  ?    180 lasts
Z   Zeeridder          Jan Ewoutsz                   ?   90  180 lasts
R   a frigate          Adriaan Claesz Fib            ?  ?    ?   lasts
A   Overijssel         Anthonis Florisz              24  85  150 lasts
N   Swarte Beer        Jacob Fransz                  20  75  160 lasts
N   Hoop               Gerrit Claesz Fuijter         22  75  150 lasts
Z   Dolphijn           Nicolaes Jansz Gauw           ?   35   60 lasts
R   Engel              Jacob Fransz de Geris          4  30   30 lasts
N   Neptunis           Jan Gijlsz                    ?   85  240 lasts
A   Tonijn             Dirck Jansz Goethaes          18  85  140 lasts
R   Salm               Lucas Jaspersz van Goutvelt    6  30   28 lasts
R   Braessen           Jan Coenens Gruijs            ?  ?    ?   lasts
Z   Liefde             Adriaan Marinusz Hackelaer        35*  40 lasts
A   Thetis             Anthonis van der Haept        36 100  250 lasts
N   Groene Draeck      Jan Ysbrantsz Halfhoorn       30  85  150 lasts
N   Groene Draech      Claes Jansz Ham               30  85  150 lasts 5/1628
N   Makreel            Claes Jansz Ham               ?   75  120 lasts
R   Bonte Kraan        Gerrit Claesz Ham              6  30   28 lasts
A   Jaeger             Cornelis Gerritsz Hasevelt    10  50   60 lasts
R   Neptunis           Joris Gijsbert van Heert      ?  ?     30 lasts
A   Witte Beer         Chijs Hermantsz               22  70  100 lasts
A   Vliegende Hert     Jacob Hermantsz               20 100  110 lasts
A   Brack              Harman Mourisz Hobbe           6 ?    ?   lasts
N   Zeehaan           Albert Cornelisz 't Jonge Hoen ?   75  130 lasts
N   Neptunis           Govert Albertsz 't Hoen       28  85  240 lasts
Z   Witte Leeuw        Geleijn Pietersz Holck        ?   70   80 lasts
Z   Postpaert          Jan Hollaer                   ?   85  140 lasts
Z   Sampson            Vice-Admiral Marinus Hollaer  ?   50  ?   lasts
R   Steur              Pieter Willemsz de Jaeger     ?  ?     16 lasts
A   Witte Beer         Pieter Jansz                  ?  ?    100 lasts
A   Haringen           Ewout Jeronsz                 ?  ?    ?   lasts
R   Neptunis           Claes Marinusz Juynbol        26  85  170 lasts
Z   Sint Joris         Adriaan Kempen                ?   90  180 lasts
R   Halve Maen         Jan Jansz van den Kerckhoff   ?   90  180 lasts
N   Orange Storck,boat Maerten Sijbrantsz Krook      ?   55   50 lasts
N   Vliegende Draeck   Cornelis Kuijt                24  85  180 lasts
Z   Vos                Cornelis Jansz Lantschot      ?   36  ?   lasts
A   Goude Leeuw        Jan Jansz de Lapper           ?  ?     50 lasts
A   Gecroonde Leeuw    Jan Jansz de Lapper           ?   75  110 lasts 2/1628
R   Dolphijn           Willeboort Leendertsz         27  85  170 lasts
R   a ship             Cornelis van Leeuw            16  50   36 lasts
A   Groene Draeck      Frans Lemmen                  ?  ?    100 lasts
A Swarte Stekende Leeuwinne Anthonis van Lieterkecke ?  ?     50 lasts
R Groene Vligende Draeck Jasper Liefhebber           ?   95  220 lasts
R   a ship             Aert Lieffkint                 8  50   40 lasts
R   Roode Leeuw        Pieter Dircksz Liesskint      ?  ?     40 lasts
R   Delft, galley      Vigoreus van der Linden        3  30   36 lasts
Z   Hond               Cornelis Loncke               ?   80  150 lasts
A   Macreel            Pieter Luijtsz                ?  ?    ?   lasts
R   Sint Jan, boat     Cornelis Maes                 ?  ?     40 lasts
N   Meibeeck*          Commandeur Melcknap           ?   31  ?   lasts
N   a ship             Jan Melcknap                  ?  100  ?   lasts
A   Hollandia          Cornelis Moons                ?  ?    100 lasts
A   Brack              Herman Mourisz                ?  ?     40 lasts
A   a ship             Pieter van Murop              ?  ?    ?   lasts
R   a ship             Jan van Nes                   ?  ?    ?   lasts
A   a ship          Willem Adriaansz van Nesselmonde ?  ?    ?   lasts
A   Zwoll              Thomas Pietersz Nolleman      24  80  100 lasts
R   Sint Anthonis,boat Adriaan Ongensen              18 ?     65 lasts
R   Dijntvogel         Cornelis Teunisz Onteboter    ?  ?     26 lasts
A   a ship             Jan Pellicoorms               ?  ?    ?   lasts
Z   Zeelandschen Post  Jan Philipsz                  ?   20  ?   lasts
A   Zeehaan, frigate   Rombout Philipsz              ?  ?    ?   lasts
Z   a ship             Marinus Pietersz              ?   30  ?   lasts
A   Meerman            Pieter Pietersz               22  70  100 lasts
A   Swol (Zwoll)       Thomas Pietersz               24? 80? 100 lasts
A   a ship             Sijmon Poort                  ?   30  ?   lasts
N   Hollandsche Tuin   Hillebrant Gerbrandsz Quast   ?   85  180 lasts
Z   Goude Leeuw        Cornelis van Regermorter      ?   40  ?   lasts
A   Dolphijn, jacht    Engbert Rijkerken             14  50   60 lasts
R   Griffoen           Pieter van Rijsbergen         18  40   40 lasts
R   Zeeridder          Cornelis Jansz Brouwer        ?  ?    150 lasts
A   Tonijn             Carsten Pietersz Rosengaert   ?  100  140 lasts
N   Hoop               Gerrit Ruyter                 ?   75  150 lasts
N   Neptunis           Meeus Sandersz                24  85  180/200 lasts
A   Vriesland          Pieter Jansz Santvoort        28  80  140 lasts
A   a ship             Barent Hendricksz Schaeff     ?  ?    ?   lasts
Z   Hasewind          Adriaan Pietersz Scheijteruijt ?   50   70 lasts
N   Swarte Beer        Cornelis Schellinghout        ?   75  150 lasts
N   Eenhoorn           Cornelis Jans Schellinghout   30  85  200 lasts 5/1628
Z   a ship             Frans Jacobsz Schortant       ?   30  ?   lasts
A   Zeehaan, frigate   Hendrick Schevels              6  50   50 lasts
R   Dolphijn, frigate  Anthonis van Schuijlenborgh   13  30   28 lasts
R   Neptunis           Sebastiaan de Munnick         ?  ?     28 lasts
A   the great fluit    Franscois Semms               16  80  150 lasts
R   Bruijnvisch        Claes Sijmonsz Sierves        ?   70   90 lasts
R   Zeekalf            Cornelis Engelen Silvergieter 23  85  170 lasts
N   Swarte Raaf        Dirck Slop*                   ?   30  ?   lasts
A   Haarlem            Hendrick Dircksz Sluiter      ?  ?    225 lasts
R   Sint Joris         Adriaan Cornelisz Smoor       12  24   28 lasts
R   Orangieboom        Andries van Soetendael        22  90  180 lasts
A   Meerman            Bartholomeus de Sterche       ?  ?    100 lasts
A   Edam               Bartholomeus de Sterche       30 115  150 lasts
R   Brasser            Jan Hendricksz Storm           8  24   24 lasts
N   Sampson            Arent Thomasz                 ?   85  240 lasts
A   Amsterdam          Ellert Thomasz                26 100  180 lasts
A   Bruijnvisch        Michiel Thomasz               ?  ?     70 lasts
N   Sampson            Jan Tijssen                   26  85  220 lasts
N   Kat, jacht         Tijmen Tijssen                 8  50   40 lasts
R   Gelderland         Maarten Harpertsz Tromp       24  80  160 lasts
A   Campen             Dionys Tronquoij              24  80  140 lasts
R   Zeeridder          Cornelis Leendertsz Valck     29  75  120 lasts
R   Maan               Albert van Velsen             ?  ?     30 lasts
R   Swarten Leeuw      Jan Jorisz Verdonck           ?  ?     80 lasts
R   Papegeij           Anthoni Verhaer               ?  ?     26 lasts
A   Gecroonde Leeuw    Pieter Pietersz Vianen        ?  ?    130 lasts
A   Gouda              Cornelis van Vijch            31  95  170 lasts
A   a ship             Sijbert Vijch                 ?   30  ?   lasts
A   Utrecht            Jacob Volckertsz Vinck        30  80  150 lasts
Z   Meerminne          Jan Jacobsz Vlieger           24  90  200 lasts
A   Leiden             Pieter Meeusz Vloo            20 100  110 lasts 3/1628
A   Campen             Pieter Meeusz Vloo            ?  ?    140 lasts
R   a jacht of war     Jacob Stevensz van der Vlies  10  17  ?   lasts
A   Haring, frigate    Otto Vollenhoven              12  50   50 lasts
A   Witte Leeuw        Elias Vonck                   22  70  100 lasts
A   Gulden Windhond    Jan Voseijenn                 12 ?    ?   lasts
N   Medemblick         Pieter de Vries               24  85  180 lasts
Z   Luipaard           Adriaan de Wale               ?   75  100 lasts
Z   Orangieboom        Adriaan Mateijsz Waarewijck   ?   30  ?   lasts
A   a ship             Jan Wiggertsz                 ?  ?    ?   lasts
N   Vliegende Draeck   Jacob Willemsz                ?   90  120 lasts
A   Steur                                            ?   30  ?   lasts
R   Salm               Sijbert Wor                   ?  ?     40 lasts
A   Friesland          Jan Ysbrantsz                 28  80  150 lasts
A   Groene Draeck      Veijmar Zalingen              20  70  100 lasts
R   Sint Andries       Adriaan Zockingen             ?  ?    140 lasts

Friday, June 02, 2006

Thoughts about some Dutch ships

Almost certainly the ship Huis van Nassau was one of the 128ft, 250 last ships built by the Admiralty of Amsterdam. The Maan, built in 1643, had dimensions of 128ft x 31.5ft x 12ft. Another ship from which we might be able to extrapolate is the Noorderkwartier ship Eenhoorn (or Witte Eenhoorn) built in 1625. She survived the First Anglo-Dutch War from 1652 to 1654, so she was very long-lived. She had dimensions of 125ft x 29ft x 12ft (the hold is an estimate). She was of 200 lasts. So we might ask if there were other ships built by the Admiralty of the Noorderkwartier in the mid to late 1620's and of 200 lasts. There was at least one: the Hollandsche Tuin, commanded by Jan Eliaszoon in 1628. She carried 28 guns and had a crew of 85 men. Another possibility is the Neptunis (24 guns and a crew of 85 men). She also was listed as being of 200 lasts. It is difficult to assess how useful it is to know the Eenhoorn's armament, as what we know dates from 1654: 7-12pdr, 13-10pdr, 4-8pdr, 2-6pdr, 2-4pdr, and 2-3pdr. It seems that she had an armament composed of guns that happened to be available, as it is quite an odd collection.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Amsterdam ships from the July 1653 list

Let us try again to give a list of ships of the Admiralty of Amsterdam for the 25 ships listed in the July 1653 list of ships at Vlissingen (and the Texel and Goeree). I can't match ships against numbers, but I will give a list as best we can:
Vrijheid        46 guns Abraham van der Hulst
Vrede           44 guns Gideon de Wildt
Groningen       42 guns Gillis Tijsen Campen
Campen          40 guns Willem van der Zaan
Graaf Willem    40 guns Jan Gideonsz Verburgh

Leeuwarden      36 guns Witte de With, flag captain Govert Reael
Zeelandia       36 guns Nicholas Marrevelt
Drie Coningen   36 guns Lucas Albertssen?8
Dolphijn        32 guns Gerbrand Schatter
Fazant          32 guns Jan Jansz de Lapper

Star            30 guns Jacob Paulusz Cort
Jonas           30 guns Joris Caulerij (Colerij)
Omlandia        30 guns Jacob Troncquoij
Bommel          30 guns Pieter van Brakel
Gelderland      28 guns Cornelis van Velsen-ship blown up

Leiden          28 guns Hendrik Kroeger
Overijssel      28 guns Jan van Campen
Gouda           28 guns Jan Egbertsz Ooms
Prins Willem    28 guns Jan Jansz Boermans
Prinses Aemilia 28 guns Jan ter Stegen-lost

Goude Reael     28 guns Adriaan van Loenen
Hoop            ?       Boetius Schaeff
Zutphen         26 guns Hillebrand Jeroszoon de Moy?
Windhond        18 guns Jan Admirael
Brak            18 guns Pieter van Zalingen or Foppe Binckes
I had not thought that I could complete the list, but I believe that this very close to being correct, if not so, as is.

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