Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Gelderland and the list dated 26 February 1652

In the 26 February 1652 document, Jan van Nes, the Jonge Boer Jaep, is listed as commanding a ship named Gelderland, which is given dimensions that are similar to those for the small frigates Utrecht and Overijssel. All these ships were in the service of the Admiralty of the Maze (Rotterdam). The dimensions in Maas feet were 100ft x 23ft x 8ft. Converted to the more usual Amsterdam feet (283mm), the dimensions were about 109ft x 25ft x 8.75ft. The Gelderland carried 20 guns, while the Utrecht and Overijssel carried 22 guns, each. One key question is if the dimensions and armament in this list are accurate. The other smaller Gelderland was commanded by Aert Janszoon van Nes, and was of the 116ft charter. The much larger 40-gun Gelderland was commanded by Michiel Franszoon van den Bergh, and served in the Mediterranean Sea in 1652 and into 1653. The large Gelderland was built to the 128ft charter.

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