Friday, June 16, 2006

From the list of Convoy ships from 1652

In The First Dutch War, Vol.IV, there are three ships mentioned in a translated memorandum, listing convoy ships. The list very likely dates from sometime in 1652:
Adm Captain                   Ship              Guns  Crew
N   Tijs Tijmensz Peereboom   Peereboom         24    70
N   Teunis Vechterszoon       Scheletje         24    70
N   Willem Ham                Sampson           24    80
Willem Ham's ship was taken by the English in the "Disaster" on 22 July 1652, when the fishery protection squadron ships were captured or sunk. Until at least after October, Teunis Vechterszoon's ship was part of Witte de With's squadron. Hendrik de Raedt's pamphlet says of the ship that it was "of Medemblick". Tijs Tijmensz Peereboom served at least until the summer of 1653.

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