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More about Cornelis Corneliszoon de Groot

I have previously written about Cornelis Corneliszoon de Groot (July 10, 2004). I noticed his name in my list, and I wanted to do some further research. On 17 April 1653, Cornelis de Groot served in Witte de With's squadron and attended a council of war on board the ship Luipaard. Cornelis de Groot was one of a number of captains from Witte de With's squadron who was present. The list of naval officers included (some of which may not have been captains):
Witte Cornelisz de With
Jan Jansz de Lapper (who apparently was illiterate)
Leendert Arensz Haexwant
Maarten Schaeff
Dirk Vijch
Claes Bastiaensz van Jaersvelt
Gerbrant Schatter
Govert Reael
Gerrit Schuyt
Cornelis Jacobsz Brouwer
Cornelis Cornelisz de Groot
Jan Pietersz van Strijp
Pieter Janszoon
Egbert Janszoon Schaeff
Hendrick Hendrickszoon
J. J. Vermoes
Cornelis Taenman
Hendrik Kroeger
Frederick Bogaart
Cornelis de Groot had told the group that the Bay of Scarborough was not a location where the Dutch fleet could successfully engage the English. It was "an unsheltered lee coast", and the seas were usually high, because of lack of shelter and the winds which were typical there. The bay is also very narrow, which would hamper maneuver. From documents, we know that Cornelis Cornelisz de Groot's ship was the Samson, a ship of the Amsterdam Directors. We know her specifications:
28 guns
crew 100 men

Length: 119ft
Beam:    28ft
Hold:    13ft
Height between decks: 6.25ft or 6.5ft

Guns: 10-12pdr, 8-8pdr, 8-6pdr, and 2-3pdr
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  3. document listing Amsterdam Directors' ships dated 27 January 1653, 1653

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