Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Friesland ship Graaf Hendrik

The ship Graaf Hendrik was hired by Groningen and served with the Admiralty of Friesland in the First Angl0-Dutch War. There are some pages from late 1652 that say that the Graaf Hendrik was a Groningen Directors' ship, but in 1653, the ship is always said to have served the Admiralty of Friesland. From the beginning of the war up until sometime in the spring of 1653, the Graaf Hendrik carried 30 guns. The ship was up-gunned to 36 guns and carried that number until her loss in the storm off the Texel in early November 1653. The Graaf Hendrik had a crew of 110 men, even after being up-gunned. The dimensions were:
Length: 129ft
Beam: 27-1/2ft
Hold: 13ft
The 36 gun armament was:
2-bronze 24pdr klokwijs guns
2-bronze 12pdr guns
2-bronze 12pdr klokwijs guns
4-bronze 3pdr klokwijs guns
2-iron 12pdr guns
2-iron 10pdr guns
8-iron 8pdr guns
10-iron 5pdr guns
4-iron 3pdr guns
Note that Jan Reyndersz Wagenaar commanded the Graaf Hendrik from the time that the ship was hired in 1652 until the Graaf Hendrik foundered in the storm off the Texel in November 1653.

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