Friday, December 26, 2008

De Reede van Texel diorama

Yesterday, I played the "The Making of De Reede van Texel" DVD for my sister-in-law. Her reaction was that she would like to have a copy for her fellow teacher who builds boats with students. They are also both art teachers. Despite the fact that the audio is all in Dutch, the video is still very interesting. I just wish that when it was available online, that I had downloaded some of the pictures that showed multiple ships in the Texel Roads. I would like to try my hand at constructing some new images that would show the Dutch fleet lying in the Scheldt in late June, early July 1653. This is the individual ship page for the VOC ship Nagelboom hired by the Admiraliteit van de Noorderkwartier. If someone could help me with more images besides those which are presently on the website, I would appreciate your help.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

A list from 24 July 1661

Earlier today, I received a list for the Admiralty of Amsterdam, dated 24 July 1661, that gave the length, beam, and hold, along with captain and guns for some of the ships of the Admiralty of Amsterdam. Included in that list was the Koevorden (50 guns), which this document spells "Coeverden".

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