Saturday, June 25, 2011

The ship Prinses Albertina van Orangien

In 1652 into 1653, Rombout van der Parre commanded a small ship hired by the Admiralty of Friesland: the Prinses Albertina van Orangien (the document from 1652 says Princesse Albartina van Orangien). In July 1652, he was assigned to Michiel De Ruyter's fleet that was to convoy merchant ships up and down the Channel. The specifications for the ship were as follows:
Length:     107-1/2ft
Beam:        26ft
Hold:        11-1/2ft
Deck height:  6-1/4ft

26 iron guns: 6-8pdr, 14-6pdr, 4-4pdr, 2-3pdr

Crew: 90 men: (the document has numbers which do not sum: 68 sailors and 12 soldiers)

The Prinses Albertina (as it was usually called) was probably one of a group of ships  stranded at Scheveningen in a storm in early 1653.

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