Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My rather unsatisfactory list of ships returning from Brazil in June 1652

This list is unsatisfactory in the sense that there are so many holes. This is the list of Dutch warships that returned from Brazil in June 1652:
Ten ships sent to Brazil

Adm Ship              Guns Crew Date Commander               Fate
A  Aemelia            28   100  1649 Floris van Oy           arrived on 12 June
A  Graaf Willem       40   140  1649 kapitein Tas            arrived on 20 June
A  Westfriesland      28   100  1648 kapitein Boonacker      arrived on 20 June
F  a ship                            Tjaert de Groot         arrived on 13 June
Z  a ship                            kapitein Loncq          arrived on 20 June
R  Gulden Dophijn     32        1634 Marinus de Clercq       arrived on 25 June
R  Nijmegen           26    90  1645 Paulus van den Kerckhoff sunk
A  Gewapende Ruiter   36   ?    1648 Bo√ętius Schaeff         captured
A  Overijssel         28   ?    ?    Steven Cuyper           returned and sold
A  Nassau             ?    ?    ?    ?                       returned and sold

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