Tuesday, June 20, 2006

One of the best books in the Google Book Search

For the researcher in 17th Century naval history, one of the gems in Google Book Search is Granville Penn's biography of Sir William Penn, dating from 1833. I own a poor copy that is very fragile and in tatters. One of the most useful features is the presence of many ship lists, especially those dating from the English Civil War. They provide details about ships that later served in the First Anglo-Dutch War. There is an interesting list dating from April 1642 that starts on page 22 of Volume I. You can find the next page (page 23) by searching in Google Book Search for "Hopeful Luke" with the quotation marks. There are many more like that list that are useful for firming up data about ships in service in the period of 1642 to 1652. (see Granville Penn's book, Memorials of the Professional Life of Admiral Sir William Penn, London, 1833).

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