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Witte de With's fleet on 17 September 1652

Several days before the Battle of the Kentish Knock, Witte de With's fleet consisted of the following ships and captains:
Rotterdam Admiralty Ships

Prinses Louise, 36 guns   Vice-Admiral Witte de With
Gorinchem, 30 guns        Captain Jan Jacobsz van Nes

Rotterdam Directors' Ships

Prins te Paard, 38 guns   Captain Corstiaen Corstiaenszoon
some ship, 26 guns        Captain Ruth Jacobsz Buys

Amsterdam Admiralty Ships

Vrede, 42 guns            Commandeur Gideon de Wildte
Campen, 38 guns           Captain Joris van der Zaan
some ship, 26 guns        Captain Abraham van der Hulst
Leiden, 28 guns           Captain Cornelis Cornelisz Jol (Hoola)
Zutphen, 28 guns          Captain Ewout Jeroenszoon
Hollandsche Tuin, 24 guns Captain Hillebrandt Jeroenszoon
Gouden Leeuw, 24 guns     Captain Gillis Thyssen Campen
Achilles, 28 guns         Captain Dirk Schey
Star, 28 guns             Captain Jacob Paulusz Cort
Hollandia, 32 guns        Captain Albert Claesz de Graeff
Zeelandia, 36 guns        Lieutenant-Commander Nicolaes Marrevelt

Amsterdam Directors' Ships

Faam, 28 guns             Captain Jacob Andriesz Swart
Witte Lam, 28 guns        Captain Cornelis van Houtten
Arke Troijane, 28 guns    Captain Abraham van Campen
Sint Francisco, 28 guns   Captain Stoffel Juriaenszoon

Zeeland Admiralty Ships

Wapen van Zeeland, 30 guns Commandeur Cornelis Evertsen de Oude
some ship, 26 guns         Captain Adriaan Banckert
Amsterdam, 30 guns         Captain Adriaan Kempen
Hollandia, ? guns          Captain Philips Joosten
Dordrecht, 17 guns         Captain Pieter Gorcum
Zeeridder, 28 guns         Captain Gillis Janszoon

East Indiamen from Middelburg

Prins Willem, 40 guns      Captain Jacob Gaeuw
Louisa Hendrika, 45 guns   Captain Pieter Marcuszoon

Zeeland Directors Ships

Dubbele Arend, 26 guns     Captain Allert Janszoon (Vlissingen)
some ship, 30 guns         Captain Johannes van Regermorter (Middelburg)
Haes in 't Veld, 30 guns   Captain Bastiaan Sentsen (Centsen or Centen) (Vlissingen)
Gouden Leeuw, 30 guns      Captain Jacob Adriaansz Penssen (Middelburg)

Noorderkwartier Admiralty Ships

Prins Maurits, 28 guns       Captain Cornelis Pietersz Taeman
Monnick, 24 guns             Captain Arent Dirckszoon
Burcht van Alkmaar, 24 guns  Captain Gerrit Nobel
Wapen van Enkhuizen, 30 guns Captain Gerrit Femssen

Friesland Admiralty Ships

some ship, ? guns            Captain Belevelt
Frisia, ? guns               Captain Schelte Wiglema
Gelderland, 24 guns          Captain Laurens Degelcamp
Breda, 28 guns               Captain Adriaan Bruynsveld


Eenhoorn          commandeur Laurens Josiaszoon
Vale Haen         commandeur Pieter Marcuszoon
Graaf Sonderlandt commandeur Hendrick Janszoon
Vergulde Buys     commandeur Ary Cornelsz
Amsterdam         commandeur Dirck Dirckszoon
Hoop              commandeur Schooneveld
Vos               commandeur Jan Jacobszoon
some fireship     commandeur Jacob Janszoon  
The fireship data is not quite so reliable as the other data, as I had to rely on the document from The First Dutch War, Vol.II. I used my unpublished paper "Dutch Ships 1600-1700" to fill in the details, as well as my document "The Dutch Fleet on 4 August 1652 as listed in Hendrik de Raedt's pamphlet". That document is less complete for fireships.

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