Sunday, June 25, 2006

Perhaps we can make some progress on the Admiralty of Zeeland in March 1653

De Jonge's list for March 1653 might be helpful in filling in missing information for the ships of the Admiralty of Zeeland. In March 1653, they had 15 States' ships and 3 hired ships in service. Two of the States' ships were jachts. Carl Stapel has already made a valiant effort to complete the list. I have found that I cannot account for all the ships that I believed to be in service in March 1653, and this is probably another example. For people who have studied the information previously, a number of ships are listed with fewer guns than normal, such as the Wapen van Zeeland. In any case, this is my version of the list, as given by De Jonge:
States' Ships
Commander                 Ship              Guns Crew
Adriaan Banckert          Hollandia         36   116

Jacob Wolfertszoon        Meerman           34   100
Adriaan Nicolaesz Kempen  Amsterdam         32   100

Joost Willemsz Block      Zeelandia         32    85

Frans Crijnsz Mangelaer   Liefde            28   111
Cornelis Evertsen de Oude Wapen van Zeeland 28   85-111
Adriaan Jansz den Oven    Neptunus          28   85-111
Gillis Janszoon           Zeeridder         28   85-111
formerly Joost Banckert   Liefde            26    85
Claes Jansz Sanger        West Capelle      26   104
formerly Cornelis Kuiper  Goes              26    85
Laurens Pensier           Sint Jan          26    85
Dingeman Cats             Gecroonde Liefde  24    85

Pieter Gorcum             Dordrecht         17

Cornelis Kuijper          Jager             14    40
                        (often called the Gloeyenden Oven)

Hired Ships

Commander                 Ship              Guns Crew
Lambert Bartelszoon       some ship         28   85

Filips Joosten            Hollandia         26   85
Daniel Cornelisz Brackman some ship         24   85

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