Saturday, January 17, 2004

More Dutch Naval Officers Fredrik Stachouwer was born on 28 November 1628 and died on 14 June 1666, the last day of the Four Days Battle. He served the Admiralty of the Noorder-Kwartier. He had been a soldier, ensign, and lieutenat in Brazil to 1651. He was a lieutenant for the sea in 1652. He was a captain-lieutenant in 1662. In 1665, he was a captain and then Schout-bij-Nacht (Rear-Admiral). In 1652-1654, he served as a lieutenant under Pieter Florissen in the First Anglo-Dutch War. In 1658, her served the same function in the Battle of the Sound. From 1658 to 1662, he was in the Danish service. In 1662, he was a captain-lieutenant under Volckert Schram. In 1665, he distinguished himself at Lowestoft. In 1666, he was killed at the Four Days Battle. This information is from Mollema's book. What little I have from that source on Auke Stellingwerf follows: In summary: He was born in 1635 and was killed on 13 June 1665. He served the Friesland Admiralty. He was appointed captain in 1656. He became Lt-Admiral of Friesland in 1665. This was at a time when there was a reorganization where each admiralty was given a Lieutenant-Admiral. Previously, there was a single Lieutenant-Admiral. In the First Anglo-Dutch War, that was Maarten Harpertszoon Tromp. Auke Stellingwerf was extraordinarily young to be so elevated. In 1656, he commanded the Prinsen Wapen, 40 guns, under Van Wassenaer in the Sound and before Danzig. In 1658, he fought under Van Wassenaer at the Battle of the Sound. In 1665, he was killed on the Zevenwolden, 60 guns, at Lowestoft.

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