Wednesday, January 14, 2004

The Dutch captains named 't Hoen The elder captain Albert Corneliszoon 't Hoen was killed at the Battle of Monte Cristo, on 6 September 1652. He had been born in 1597, and as a young man had served under Mooy Lambert in the Mediterranean Sea (1619). He had extensive experience in the Mediterranean, as he had battled the Algerians in 1628. Later in 1628, he had served under Marinus Hollare operating against the Spanish Dunkirkers. In 1639, he was at the Battle of the Downs, when the Spanish fleet was all but annihilated by the Dutch. In 1651, 't Hoen served under Joris van Cats, back in the Mediterranean Sea. Govert Albertszoon 't Hoen must have been Albert's son, as that is what his name indicates. Govert 't Hoen was born in 1629, and also served under the Noorder-Kwartier Admiralty, when he was old enough. He became a captain in 1655. In 1658, he was at the Battle of the Sound, where he commanded the Jonge Prins, 30 guns, a veteran of many battles. Later in 1659, he was in De Ruyter's fleet in the Sound. He continued with De Ruyter, and served under him in the Mediterranean, in 1664. Captain 't Hoen commanded the Caleb, which at that time only carried 36 guns (I suppose for service in distant waters). By the time of the Four Days Battle in 1666, he was in the Jozua, a considerably larger ship, when he was a Schout-bij-nacht (Rear-Admiral). He was killed at the St. James Day Battle, a few months later.

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