Monday, January 12, 2004

Jeremy Smith in the First Anglo-Dutch War I was aware of Jeremy Smith's service in the Second Anglo-Dutch War. I had not realized that he had served in the first war. I apparently had not done a good enough job of reading the index in The First Dutch War, as I had not seen the references to him. On September 13, 1653, he was captain of the frigate Advice, 42 guns (Vol.VI, page 50). Earlier, in June 1653, he had commanded the Advice at the Battle of the Gabbard (Vol.V, p.16). On April 27, 1654, Captain Smith wrote a letter to the Admiralty Council describing the capture of the Dutch East Indiaman, the Roos of Amsterdam. He described the Roos as being about 800 tons and having 26 guns. The Roos served in the English navy as the Indian. The Indian was measured as 687 tons and carried 60 guns. The VOC website says that the Roos was a three-masted galjoot. The Indian was sold in 1660.

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