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Filips van Dorp
Filips van Dorp lived from 1587 to 1652. He was a captain of Zeeland in 1621, Vice-Admiral in 1624, Lieutenant-Admiral in 1626, and Lieutenant-Admiral of Holland in 1629.
In 1620-1621, he commanded the Meermin (20 guns) under Haultain and Swartenhondt in the Mediterranean Sea. In 1624, he was a squadron and convoy commander, operating against the Spanish Dunkirkers. He was awarded the golden chain, for his distinguished service. In 1625, he served under Haultain before Rochelle. In 1626, he served as Vice-Admiral for Dunkirk. In 1627, he established a corps to propagate sea-soldiers. He was blockade commander on the Flemish coast and in the Channel from 1632-1637, when he was dismissed.
R. C. Anderson later characterized Joris van Cats as a "Van Dorp" type, meaning that he was more of a politician and diplomat than commander in battle.
Jasper Liefhebber
Jasper Liefhebber lived from 1591to 28 May 1641. He served the Admiralty of Rotterdam (the Maas). He was a captain in 1621 and an admiral in 1628.
In 1622, he served under Swartenhondt in the battle near Gibraltar. In 1623, he fought against the Dunkirkers. In 1629, he served under Piet Hein (presumably during the capture of the Silver Fleet). In 1631, he served with Quast before Dunkirk. In 1632, he was blockade commander before Dunkirk and then a squadron commander in the North Sea. In 1633, he was a convoy commander to the Lizard. Again, in 1634, he was a convoy commander in the North Sea. In 1636 and 1637, he served under Van Dorp off the Flemish coast. He resigned in 1638.
This is all from my translation of the entries by Mollema, in his "Honor Roll".

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