Sunday, January 04, 2004

More "Battle of Plymouth" I have finished developing the orders-of-battle for the Dutch and English. I have entered the Dutch ships into Privateers Bounty, and have started entering the English, as well. I was struck by just how many small, hired merchantmen, the English had in Ayscue's fleet. I had not thought about this, but the largest ship at the battle was the Dutch Indiaman, the Vogelstruis. She did not compare with the English 2nd Rates that carried demi-cannon, however. I hope to be able to try the scenario in the simulator, later today. Again, the Dutch were outnumbered by the English, so you might think that they would have an advantage. In the actual battle, however, neither side lost a ship, although the Vogelstruis was hard-pressed. The English withdrew from the battle, and the Dutch convoy was unharmed, so you would tend credit the Dutch, under Michiel De Ruyter, with the victory.

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