Friday, January 02, 2004

Privateers Bounty scenario-Battle off Dover I just finished my first attempt at a Privateers Bounty scenario. My friend Alex, in Russia, did three for me about 10 months ago. I just finished my initial version of the Battle off Dover, 29 May 1652 (new style). The forces involved were the Dutch fleet of 42 ships plus two ships that had been convoying 7 straatsvaarders. The English consisted of three patrol ships, commanded by Anthony Young, Robert Blake's squadron, from Rye Bay (12 ships) and Nehemiah Bourne's squadron from the Downs (9 ships). I need to give Carl Ballhausen credit, as I went to his book to find out the correct starting wind direction. It is also the case, when I do the Battle of Plymouth (26 August 1652), the battle between De Ruyter and Ayscue, I will need to use Ballhausen. If anyone would be interested in the Battle off Dover scenario files, I can send them. I was not able to do a proper export, but I do have the scenario file plus my custom ship definitions. That should be sufficient. Send me an e-mail and I will send the two files, in reply. Yes, I will tell you how the game played. I played the Dutch, and they thrashed the English. It doesn't say good things about the game that this was true, but maybe it really does reflect the ability of the Dutch, when they are serious about fighting. I have reason to believe that they had some reservations about the real battle, and didn't fight to the finish, the way that I played the game. In my game playing, the Campen and Zeelandia took on Anthony Young's squadron, in a separate action, and the Dutch fleet, in line, came close to obliterating Robert Blake's squadron, except for the James and Speaker (as I recall). Next, Nehemiah Bourne's squadron came out of the Downs, and fought hard, since they had 3 second rates, but was eventually defeated. The last English ship to be destroyed was Blake's James (in my game). The Dutch lost 10 ships destroyed to the English 21 destroyed and 3 surrendered. When they Dutch were at their top, at Dungeness, with similar odds in their favor, they did well. The main difference between the game and the historical situation is that in reality, they didn't fight to the finish, they way you do in the game.

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