Sunday, January 18, 2004

Jan Evertsen's Journal I am fortunate to have a copy of Jan Evertsen's journal, from right before the Battle of Dungeness. The reason that I have consulted my copy of the handwritten journal is that the list of ships for the Battle of Dungeness, that is published in Vol. 3 of The First Dutch War is a transcription of the list in Evertsen's journal. Many, of not most, of the transcribed list are mangled. I know most of the names, so it is easy to fix those. There is one that is unfamiliar, so I thought I would consult "the source". The published name is "Hermes Mumincx". My reading of the handwritten name is "Herman Muninch". I now think that the final letter is an "h", as it is identical to the final letter of Cornelis Naeuoogh's name. I had, at first, thought that "Hermes" was correct, but I can now see that the second to the last letter is an "a". I now need to consult my list of known names, and see if I can find a plausible candidate. This just points out the utter necessity of having access to the original sources.

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