Monday, January 05, 2004

The Battle of Monte Cristo (6 September 1652) When I tried running the simulator against this scenario, with me commanding the Dutch squadron, the English were quickly crushed. In retrospect, this should have not been a surprise. The Dutch had 10 ships, including 5-40 to 44 gun ships and 4 ships with 32-34 guns. There was only one 28-gun ship, the Noorder-Kwartier ship, the Jonge Prins. The English had one 2nd Rate, the Paragon (the former Carolian Great Ship, the Henrietta Maria) and three 4th Rate frigate (32 to 36 guns). The other four ships were hired merchantmen, with 24 to 32 guns. With realistic ship burdens (many between 200 and 350 tons), many ships are sunk by gunfire, as their power to absorb hits is small. Occasionally, ships are dismasted, but they seem more likely to be sunk. A few surrender, but approximately three times as many are sunk, with several more being burnt. This was only likely where there were a large number of ships (more than just 8 or 10).

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