Monday, January 26, 2004

AOSII Privateers Bounty First Anglo-Dutch War Scenarios I just finished my work scenarios for the First Anglo-Dutch War major battles in 1652. There are now five available (dates are new style): 1. The Battle off Dover (29 May 1652) 2. The Battle of Plymouth (26 August 1652) 3. The Battle of Monte Cristo (6 September 1652) 4. The Battle of the Kentish Knock (8 October 1652) 5. The Battle of Dungeness (10 December 1652) These dates are what the Dutch use, not the English "Old Style" dates. The significant thing about these is that the Dutch ships are quite accurate in size and armament. For each ship, in the long name, I include captains' names, for ease in configuration control, given that there are many Dutch ships of the same name. In both the display name and the long name, I include an indication of the "admiralty" (which could include the Amsterdam Chamber of the VOC and the Hoorn Directors, for example). Anyone who might be interested in getting a zip file with the scenarios should send me e-mail.

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