Saturday, January 10, 2004

Apparently, we will not be able to simulate the largest battles I found out, to my dismay, that there are limits to how large a battle that AOSII Privateers Bounty can handle. When I was adding ships to the Battle of the Kentish Knock, which is not overly large, Privateers Bounty "crashed". What it did was to spontaneously quit, losing ship definitions and the scenario that I had entered, after last saving. I believe, as well, that I lost ship definitions, even after I had saved. I deleted English ships, and then added some more Dutch ships. I was at least able to run the simulation. I commanded the Dutch against the English fleet. This is the first time that the English had won, when I had commanded the Dutch. Admittedly, the odds were long. The English had two 1st Rates, the Resolution and Sovereign, and multiple 2nd Rates, as well as some 3rd Rates, such as the Speaker and the original Fairfax. The Dutch only had three very large ships: the Brederode, the Prins Willem, and the Vogelstruis. The latter two were East Indiamen. There were two other VOC ships: the Vrede and the Louise Hendrika. They were smaller ships, not the 160 or 170 feet type. The rest of the Dutch ships were 24 to 34 gun ships. Some were quite small, being just under 300 tons, computed the English way. I converted the Dutch measurement system to the English system, computed the burden and the navigational draft. Both are really just estimates, but the draft is especially so. I based my estimate on studying the underwater shape from a contemporary drawing. I would like to rerun the simulation, and pay closer attention to maneuvering the Dutch ships, as when I was more careful about that, the Dutch did better. I still did a "fight to the finish", which is decidedly not realistic.

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