Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Jan Gideonszoon Verburch (or Verburgh) I have collected some notes, in support of my writing projects, about Jan Gideonszoon Verburch. I have seen handwritten documents (along with The First Dutch War) that refer to him as Verburch, not Verburgh. Frank Fox calls him "Verburgh", which may well be correct, as least by the current spelling systems in place, in the Netherlands. My notes: He was a late arrival from the Texel, to join De Ruyter’s fleet, probably on July, 1652 [1DW6, p.157] On July 26, 1652, Capt. Jan Gideonssen Verburch was assigned as Commodore, with seven other captains reporting to him. [1DW2, p.49] On July 31, 1652, Capt. Verburch received instructions that, if he were to fall in with the ships returning from Spain, that he was to convoy those ships back to the Netherlands. [1DW2, p.56] Promoted to Rear Admiral in De Ruyter's fleet on August 18, 1652 [1DW2, p.111] Listed as being part of De Ruyter's fleet, in the ship the Graaf Willem, with 120 men [1DW2], p.147 On September 2, 1652, attended a council of war on board De Ruyter's ship, the Neptunus [1DW2, p.164] In early 1653, Jan Gideonssen Verburch (Verburgh) was captain of the Amsterdam ship, the Graaf Willem, which had 40 guns and a crew of 140 men. His ship was listed as lying, ready, in the Texel, but a notation on the list says that she was out to sea. [1DW4, p.309] In 1659, Jan Gideonszoon Verburgh commanded the ship, de Amsterdam, which was part of the fleet, commanded by De Rutyer, that was operating near Denmark. The ship had a crew of 225 men and carried 54 guns. This was a ship belonging to the Amsterdam Admiralty. [Grove, p.xiv] Bibliography: [1DW4] ed. Atkinson, C.T., First Dutch War, Vol.IV, Navy Records Society, London, 1909. [1DW6] ed. Atkinson, C.T., First Dutch War, Vol.VI, Navy Records Society, London, 1930. [1DW2] ed. Gardiner, Dr. S.R., First Dutch War, Vol.II, Navy Records Society, London, 1899. [Grove] Grove, G.L., Journalen van de Admiralen Van Wassenaer-Obdam (1658/59) en De Ruyter (1659/60), Amsterdam, 1907.

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