Saturday, January 17, 2004

Jan Matthijsen Here is what Mollema has about Jan Matthijsen (or Jan Mathijszen): He died in 1673. His birthdate is not known. He served in the Admiralty of Zeeland, where he became a captain in 1653 and a Schout-bij-Nacht in 1666. In 1653, he was at the Battle of Scheveningen (Ter Heide). He 1657, he was a convoy commander in the Mediterranean Sea. In 1659, he commanded the Zeelandia (54 guns) under De Ruyter in the Sound, Funen, and Nyborg. In 1666, he commanded the Delft (34 guns) and the Vlissingen (50 guns) in the Four Days Battle and the St. James Day Battle (The Two Days Battle). In 1667, he was at the raid on Chatham. In 1672, he was a Schout-bij-Nacht at the battle of Solebay. I would like to include an HTML table, but they don't seem to work very well in Blogger. For many of the Dutch captains and admirals, I have entries, by year, about ships they commanded.

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