Sunday, January 04, 2004

The Battle of Plymouth (26 August 1652) scenario I've finished my first attempt at a Privateers Bounty scenario for the Battle of Plymouth. I was struck with just how many small English ships were present, many of which were hired merchantmen. Ayscue had two large 2nd Rates, as well: his flagship, the Rainbow and the Vanguard. Both were equipped with demi-cannon (32-pdrs) on the lower tier, but only an incomplete tier (about 16). The Dutch took losses, but, as usual, it was total annihilation of the English. Again, this is only something that would happen in a game, as no one in real life would stake everything on a single battle. If anyone would like the ships and scenario for Privateers Bounty, please send an e-mail, and I will reply with the two files as attachments.

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