Tuesday, January 06, 2004

De Jonge Boer Jaap One question I have is if the listing for (Jan van Nes) de Jonge Boer Jaap, in the Rotterdam Admiralty document dated 26 February 1652 is correct, or in error. He is said, in that document, to have commanded the ship Gelderland. The specifications were: 20 guns Length: 100 feet Beam: 23 feet Hold: 8 feet All of the dimensions in the document were in Maas feet, so the dimesions in Amsterdam feet were something like this: Length: 109 feet Beam: 25 feet Hold: 8 feet-8 inches (it could have been 9 feet) This would be of the same dimensions as the two 22-gun frigates, the Utrecht and the Overijssel. My concern stems from the listing of ships in Michiel De Ruyter's fleet, in August 1653. The Jonge Boer Jaap's ship was the Gelderland (said to be commanded by Lieutenant Jan van Nes). The ship was said to have 26 guns and a crew of 100 men. Is this the same ship, with a mistake in the information, somewhere? Or, are they two different ships? That seems unlikely, although it is possible.

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