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More English and Dutch Captains

Richard Beach

Richard Beach was a Royalist privateer during the First Anglo-Dutch War. Robert Blake and William Penn reported, in a letter dated 28 March 1654 (new style) that Richard Beach, and his ship, the Royal James had been captured.

The Royal James was renamed Sorlings. Dimensions:

Length of keel  86 feet
Beam outside of planking  26 feet-6 inches
Depth of hold  11 feet-4 inches
Burden 321 tons
32 guns

The Sorlings was wrecked in 1667. In 1666, the Sorlings carried 34 guns with 22-demi-culverins (9pdr) and 12-sakers (5-1/4pdr).

This is drawn from the First Dutch War, Vol.VI and from Frank Fox's book, Great Ships: the battlefleet of King Charles II.

This rest of this is from Mollema's Honor Roll.

Adriaan de Haze

Adriaan de Haze served the Admiralty of Zeeland. We don't know, from Mollema, when he was born. He died on 23 March 1672. He was a captain in 1652. Despite that, he doesn't appear in the books, The First Dutch War and Schetsen uit de geschiedenis van ons zeewezen. In 1652, he distinguished himself at the Battle off Dover. In 1665, he fought at Lowestoft. In 1666, he commanded the Veere (or Kampveere) (46 guns) at both the Four Days Battle and the St. James Day Battle. In 1672, he was killed while commanding the Vlissingen (50 guns) when he was protecting the Smyrna convoy.

Jan van Amstel

Jan van Amstel lived from about 1620 to 29 September 1669. He served the Admiralty of Amsterdam. In 1658, he served under Abraham van der Hulst in the Hilversum (52guns) in De Ruyter's squadron in the Mediterranean Sea. In 1659, he commanded the Provinciƫn (40 guns) under De Ruyter in the Sound, at Funen and Nyborg. In 1664, he was a convoy commander in the Mediterreanean Sea. In 1665, he commanded the Vrijheid (58 guns) at Lowestoft. In 1666, he distinguished himself at the Four Days Battle and the St. James Day Battle. In 1667, he commanded the Tijdverdrijf (60 guns) in the raid on Chatham.

Enno Doedes Star

Enno Doedes Star lived from 1631 to 1707. He served the Admiralties of Friesland and Amsterdam. He was an Extraordinary Captain in 1658. A captain in 1665 and Vice-Admiral in 1666. From 1660 to 1661, he protected against Portuguese privateers in the Channel. In 1661 and 1664, he commanded supply ships for De Ruyter in the Mediterranean Sea. In 1664 to 1665, he served under De Ruyter off the coast of Guinea and in the West Indies. In 1666, he commanded the Gouden Leeuw (60 guns) in both the Four Days Battle and the St. James Day Battle. In 1667, he distinguished himself in the raid on Chatham and blockaded Harwich. In 1672, he commanded the Groningen at Solebay. In 1673, he distinguished himself at the Battle of the Texel (Kijkduin). In 1678, he served under Evertsen in the relief fleet near Spain. In 1691, he commanded a squadron in the combined English-Dutch fleet, the end of his service.

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