Saturday, January 17, 2004

Mollema's book When I say that something is from "Mollema", I mean it is from the "Honor Roll" appendix in Volume II of this book: Mollema, J. C. (Jarig Cornelis) (1881-1946), Geschiedenis van Nederland ter zee, 4 vols., Joost van den Vondel, Amsterdam, 1939-1942. There are quite a few copies of this book available for sale, I see. I had first seen Mollema's book at the De Golyer Library, at Southern Methodist University, in the summer of 1994. As I am bent on building lists of ships and captains, and developing my own narratives describing battles, this book is of only modest use. The work has some useful, although small, reproductions of Van de Velde drawings. For me, the most interesting parts are the appendices that list captains. As I am focused on the mid-Seventeenth Century, the "Honor Roll" in Vol.II is what I have used, exclusively.

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