Saturday, January 03, 2004

The Battle of Plymouth (26 August 1652) I have been thinking about the next scenario to develop for use with the Age of Sail II-Privateers Bounty simulation. The Battle of Plymouth, between 38 English ships, commanded by Sir George Ayscue, and 30 Dutch ships commanded by Michiel de Ruyter seems like a good candidate. The main difficulty is that the English list will be rather speculative. R.C. Anderson has a very incomplete English order-of-battle in "English Fleet-Lists in the First Dutch War", in the Mariner's Mirror, Vol. XXIV (1938). Frank Fox had originally pointed out this article to me, and I have drawn upon it, as nothing better has been published since then. My plan is to use some English ship lists, showing hired ships, from the The First Dutch War, Vol. I. I am also tempted to use Ballhausen's book, despite my reluctance to do so. There are few alternatives.

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