Friday, December 19, 2003

Something a little different I was browsing, looking for a good map showing Rye Bay, the Downs, and Dover, when I found this list, showing Joost Banckert's squadron, circa October 1639, before the Battle of the Downs. The list was from Dr. M. G. De Boer's book, Tromp en de Armada van 1639. I have considerably augmented the list from other sources. Joost Banckert - 't Wapen van Zeeland, 28 guns, crew 110 (Zeeland) Frans Jansz. van Vlissingen - Zeeridder, 34 guns, crew 120 (Zeeland) Joris van Cats - Zutphen, 28 guns, crew 110 sailors and 20 soldiers (Amsterdam) 250 lasts Jan Theunisz. Sluis - Walcheren, 28 guns, crew 110 (Amsterdam) - 200 lasts Lieve Cornelisz. de Zeeuw - 't Wapen van Holland, 39 guns, crew 120 (Noorder-Kwartier) - 200 lasts Albert 't Jongen Hoen - Neptunis, 33 guns, crew 110 (Nooder-Kwartier) Pieter Barentsz. Dorrevelt - Amsterdam, 10 guns, crew 60 (Amsterdam) Gerrit Veen - Drenthe, 16 guns, crew 60 (a jacht) ( Joris Pietersz. van den Broucke (or Broeck) - Rotterdam, 10 guns, crew 70 (Friesland) Adriaan Jansz. den Gloeyenden Oven - Arnemuyden, 22 guns, crew 80 (Zeeland-Middelburg) Abraham Crijnssen - Ter Goes, 24 guns, crew 90 (Zeeland-Middelburg) Tjaert de Groot - Friesland, 22 guns, crew 70 (Friesland) I had to draw upon three books, plus my 46 page list of captains and ships from 1628 to 1700, to complete the list as far as I have.

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