Friday, December 12, 2003

English ship sterns When Frank Fox saw my last English ship drawings, his main criticism was that my sterns, as I had drawn them, were too vertical. English ships should have a stern with a substantial rake to them. I have spent the Evening doing more graphic editing on my "sheet one" of English ships. The ships on that sheet are: Andrew, 56 guns George, 58 guns Triumph, 62 guns Expedition, 32 guns James, 60 guns Unicorn, 58 guns Paragon, 56 guns Resolution, 88 guns They are all showing the Commonwealth jack, with the white field next to the jackstaff, with the red St. George's cross, and the blue field at the end, with the harp, representing Ireland. On the admirals' ships, I show the Commonwealth command flag, which is different than I have show in the past. This version is a red flag with a yellow circle, centered on the flag. In the yellow circle, there are two shields. The left shield is blue with a yellow harp while the right shield is white with a red cross. These ships all have my latest attempt at showing more three dimensions, rather than flat drawings with outline that are filled with flat colors.

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