Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Some of what is "out there", unpublished There is a great deal of unpublished information that is available. This example is from the "Staet van Oorloge te water voor den jaere 1629". These lists have pages grouped by admiralty. I believe that all the lists that I have (1628, 1629, 1631, 1633, and 1654) all begin with the Admiralty of Rotterdam. The entries vary in their completeness. Only the 1654 list has dimensions. Even then, a fraction does not have anything more than the ship's name, possibly with the number of guns and captain's name. This first page from the 1629 list has the following information: Claes Marinusz. Juinbol [Juynbol] commands the ship Neptunis, built in the year 1623, of 170 lasts, mounting: Brass Guns 2 half cartouwen 24 pdr 2 half cartouwen 18 pdr 2 guns 12 pdr Iron Guns 12 guns 18 pdr 6 pieces 6 pdr Crew 85 sailors This is my interpretation and translation of what is there. The handwritten Dutch from the 1620's and 1630's (and even later) is always a challenge to read. I mainly rely on knowing what the words must be, which is rather sad, but true. I have learned some variations of how letters were formed by knowing what the words were, and figuring out from multiple examples just what was meant.

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