Sunday, December 21, 2003

Ambiguity about Dutch ships in the First Anglo-Dutch War One bothersome aspect about researching the Dutch fleet in the First Anglo-Dutch War is that there is conflicting information between sources. One important source is the list of Dutch ships that was originally published in the periodical, the Hollandsche Mercurius, for 1652. A feature of this list is that it actually contains information from June 1653. The various volumes were published a year later, so this should not be too surprising. One example of the problem that I have found is the listing for Corstiaen Corstiaensen (or Corstiaenszoon). He is listed with the ships belonging to Rotterdam. The most accessible version of the list is found in Volume I of The First Dutch War. His ship is included among those "Ships hired by the admiralty to be deducted from the Hundred". The "Hundred" are the 100 ships to be hired by the admiralties in 1652. When we study the Battle of the Kentish Knock, we find that Corstiaen Corstiaensen is included among the captains with the Rotterdam Directors. I will write later about other issues like this.

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