Sunday, December 07, 2003

My last posting I just tweaked my translation, in my last posting, to read better. I corrected a few word order issues in the translation from Dutch to English. The essence of what I translated says is that there were the five ships assigned to the local defense of the roads off Vlieland ("the Vlie"). They had been commanded by Evert Anthonissen, who was largely engaged in convoying, up until this time. He was typically the convoy commander. He did participate in the Battle of Scheveningen, where his ship, the Hollandia, 32 guns, was lost. He survived and continued up through the Battle of the Sound, in 1658. After that, he disappears from sight. He had been a ship commander since as long before as 1627, when he commanded the Amsterdam Admiralty ship, Sphera Mundi. The Sphera Mundi carried 18 guns plus 6 steenstukken. Jan Glete says that steenstukken were "swivels", not stone-firing guns, as the name might imply. I had assumed that they were like the English "fowlers" or "port pieces".

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