Friday, December 19, 2003

Since I mentioned the Witte Lam I believe that the list from the 1652 edition of the Hollandsche Mercurius lists the Witte Lam as having 32 guns and a crew of 120 sailors. Often called simply the Lam , this ship is famous as being Michiel Adriaanszoon De Ruyter's flagship at the Battle of Portland, the Battle of the Gabbard, and the Battle of Scheveningen. My 1653, the Lam carried 40 guns and had a crew of 145 sailors (possibly including marines and land soldiers). The book, Salt in Their Blood, is a good resource for De Ruyter in 1653. De Ruyter actually had a new ship before the Battle of Scheveningen, the Huis te Kruiningen. He and Witte de With both were fitting out their new ships, "in the Texel". However, they were not ready for sea for the Battle of Scheveningen (a.k.a. Ter Heide). Witte de With's new ship, the Huis te Swieten, became De Ruyter's flagship by July 1654. By then, I believe that Witte de With was back in his favorite ship, the Brederode.

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