Tuesday, December 09, 2003

The "2 July 1653 at Vlissingen" Document I wanted to summarize this document, which actually lists the Dutch fleet at the Battle of the Gabbard, in June 12-13, 1653. The survivors were mainly at Vlissingen, but some were in the Goeree Gatt, while a larger number were lying off Texel, in the roads. Where ships are mentioned, I use the spelling from the document. Most ships are not named. If they were, this would be priceless. As it is, the document is interesting and useful. The document makes notations about ships sunk, captured, or missing. I will probably post my reading of this later. Admiralty of Amsterdam: 25 ships (numbers 1-25) Named ships: no. 1 Leeuw no. 2 Phesant no. 3 Dolphijn no. 4 d'Oude Prins no. 5 Omlandia no. 6 Leiden Directors of Amsterdam: 18 ships (numbers 26-43) East India Company at Amsterdam: 3 ships (numbers 44-46) Admiralty of Rotterdam: 9 ships (numbers 47-55) Directors of Rotterdam: 4 ships (numbers 56-59) The Chamber of the East India Company at Rotterdam: 4 ships (numbers 60-63) no. 60 David en Goliat no. 61 an "advijs burck" (my best reading) numbers 62 and 63 were fireships (branders) The Directors of Hoorne (Noorder-Kwartier): 1 ship (number 64) The Directors of Edam (Noorder-Kwartier): 1 ship (number 65) Admiralty of the Noorder-Kwartier: 10 ships (numbers 66-75) Directors of Monnikendam (Noorder-Kwartier): 2 ships (numbers 76-77) The East India Company at Hoorne (Noorder-Kwartier): 1 ship (number 78) Admiralty of Zeeland: 12 ships (numbers 79-90) Directors of Zeeland: 9 ships (numbers 91-99) Captain Jan Pouwelsz. is mentioned as is Captain Andries Fortuijn and his ship, d'Eendracht. East India Company at Zeeland: 1 ship (number 100) Admiralty of Friesland: 4 ships (numbers 101-104) Directors of Harlingen (Friesland): 1 ship (number 105)

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