Friday, December 05, 2003

Dutch Ships in August 1653 I have some details about Dutch ships right before and after the Battle of Scheveningen. These are primarilty from Vol. V, Schetsen ui de Geschiedenis van ons Zeewezen, published in 1928. There is also an unpublished manuscript about the fleet at Vlissingen in July 1653.
Groningen, 42 guns
crew 140 men
captain Gillis Thyssen Campen
Amsterdam Admiralty

Huis te Swieten, 60 guns
crew 225 men
flagship of Vice-Admiral Witte Corneliszoon de With
(fitting out at the time of Scheveningen)
Amsterdam Admiralty

Vrijheid, 46 guns
crew 170 men
flagship of Vice-Admiral Witte Corneliszoon de With at Scheveningen
captain Abraham van der Hulst
Amsterdam Admiralty

captain Claes Aldertszoon
Noorder-Kwartier Admiralty

Gorcum, 30 guns
crew 131 men
captain Willem Adriaanszoon Warmont (killed at Scheveningen)
Rotterdam Admiralty

Roskam, 26 guns
crew 105 men
captain Corstiaen Eldertszoon
Rotterdam Admiralty

Sint Pieter
captain Simon Corneliszoon
Rotterdam Directors

captain Hendrick Adriaanszoon Glas
Rotterdam Directors

captain Jan Tijssen
Zeeland Admiralty

Jonas, 30 guns
captain Joris de Colerij (Caulery)
Amsterdam Admiralty

Graaf Willem
(is this the Frisian jacht?)
captain Jan Coenders
Friesland Admiralty

Walvisch, 30 guns
crew 110 men
captain Abraham Verleth
Amsterdam Directors

Westfriesland, 28 guns
crew 140 men
captain Hendrick Huyskens
Amsterdam Admiralty

Zutphen, 26 guns
crew 120 men
captain Hillebrant Jeroenszoon
Amsterdam Admiralty

Gouden Reael, 28 guns
crew 110 men
captain Adriaan van Loenen
Amsterdam Admiralty

Moor, 34 guns
crew 108 men
captain Adriaen Corneliszoon van Ackersloot
Amsterdam Directors

captain Evert Pieterszoon Swart
Amsterdam chamber of the VOC

Hollandsche Tuin
captain Harmen Walman
Amsterdam Directors

David en Goliad
captain Jan Adriaenszoon van der Werff
Rotterdam chamber of the VOC
I would be glad to provide more detailed sourcing for these ships, if someone is interested.

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