Friday, December 05, 2003

Jump in train of thought-Gaming, again I was thinking, again, about how to describe armaments in Privateers Bounty. The armaments can be divided between lower-deck, middle-deck, and upper deck. You also have the quarterdeck and forecastle. On the quarterdeck and forecastle, you can have both guns and carronades. For 17th-Century Dutch ships, with mixed armaments, you have to be creative. Let's consider how to arm Witte de With's flagship, the Prinses Louise. As I noted some time ago, the armament was: 36 guns Brass: 2-light 24pdr 4-light 12pdr 10-chambered 12pdr 4-chambered 5pdr Iron: 16-12pdr For game purposes, we will distribute the guns as follows: Lower deck: 20-12pdr Upper deck: 10-12pdr Quarterdeck guns: 4-5pdr Quarterdeck carronades: 2-24pdr I'm not sure how good that is, but it is a way to "finesse" the game.

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