Sunday, December 07, 2003

English ships in the First Anglo-Dutch War I have mistakenly (I find) thought that we did not have any information about English armaments for the period 1652-1654. I was mistaken, because Brian Lavery, in The Ship of the Line, Vol. I, pages 21-22, gives the armament of the 2nd Rate George, as of 1652: 52 guns: 18 demi-cannons (32pdr), 16-culverins (18pdr), 12-demi-culverins (9pdr), and 4-sakers (5-1/4pdr). This is about what I had expected. For a while, I thought that the 2nd Rates (former Jacobean and Carolean Great Ships) had mixed armaments, with the lower tier being culverins (as they had 20 years before), but I suspected that they were armed in the more modern style. In fact, this confirms what I had thought, that they had a substantial demi-cannon armament, similar to 1664 and later. Only the Resolution (ex-Prince Royal) and Sovereign had cannon-of-7 (42pdr) on the lower tier. I had forgotten where I had seen that the Sovereign had been modernized in 1651. I had believed the source to be The First Dutch War, Vol. I. I now see that the source was Brian Lavery's book.

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