Thursday, December 11, 2003

More about the Halve Maen (Half Moon) Earlier this year, I had estimated the Halve Maen's dimensions somewhat differently (see Research Results): Length from Stem to Sternpost: 124 feet Beam: 27 feet Depth in Hold: 12-1/2 feet I currently convert English measurements to Dutch measurements by using some constants that I derived through empirical analysis: length multiplier: 1.33 beam multiplier: 1.136 depth multiplier: 1.13 The English measurements used as the starting point are: length on the keel (LK) beam outside of planking (B) depth from keel to center of deck, including the camber: (D) The resulting Dutch measurements are in Amsterdam feet (283mm): length from stem to sternpost beam inside of planking hold, measured from keel to the edge of the deck, at the side of the ship. This does not include the deck camber. I have seen this described as being "at the widest point". From drawings in books and articles, this can be seen to be the height, where the deck intersects the side of the ship.

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