Saturday, December 06, 2003

Hendrick de Raedt Reference This is my translation of a note from Schetsen uit de geschiedenis van ons zeewezen, (Vol. V, p.169 Note 4): This quintet was comprised of the following ships: Hollandia (under the command of Commandeur Evert Anthoniszoon), that soon sailed toward the Texel, and was replaced by the Groote Fortuyn (Captain Frederick de Coninck); Edam (Captain Barend Cramer) and the Swarte Leeuw (Captain Hendrik de Raet): both, on the 19th July, were commanded to sail from the Vlie towards the Texel (see after this, page 174); Samson (Captain Hendrik Adriaanszoon), that was "unready, due to age, to serve under the flag", and Purmerlandt (Captain Andries Sijbrantszoon), the last two being involved with the protection of Vliereede (see the letter of the deputies from their High Majesties, "in the yacht of Amsterdam, lying before the Schilt of Texel", 8 July 1653. Note the variant spelling of Hendrick de Raedt's name. I need to check my list for early July 1653, to see if I can identify these ships from the group at the Texel. The problem with this unpublished list is that there are only a half a dozen ship names. Still, from context, I have been able to positively identify quite a few more (still only a fraction of the list). The list shows the Dutch fleet that was at the Battle of the Gabbard, and lists losses.

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