Friday, December 05, 2003

The Rest of the Scheveningen List By the way, this document was from 12 August 1652. This is the rest of the list from there: Brak, 18 guns - Poppe Brinckers - Amsterdam Admiralty Westfriesland, 28 guns - Hendrick Huyskens - Amsterdam Admiralty Amsterdam, 30 guns - Pouwelis (Paulus) Egbertsz. Souck - Amsterdam Admiralty Windhond, 18 guns - Jan Admirael - Amsterdam Admiralty Leeuwarden, 36 guns - Govert Reael - Amsterdam Admiralty Leiden, 28 guns - Hendrick Kroeger - Amsterdam Admiralty Hoop - Dirck Pater - Amsterdam Directors Fazant, 32 guns - Jan Janszoon Lapper - Amsterdam Admiralty Hollandsche Tuin, 32 guns - Joris Willemszoon Block - Amsterdam Directors This concludes the list. Already, including the known losses, we know many Dutch ships that were at the Battle of Scheveningen. I have questions about Dirck Pater and the Hoop, as he commanded the Amsterdam Directors' ship, Blauwe Arend, from early 1652 up until at least after the Battle of Portland. It is possible that Dirck Pater took command of the Hoop, after the Battle of the Gabbard, where Bo√ętius Schaeff was killed.

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