Saturday, May 14, 2005

This is major: I just found the page about the "Wapen van der Vere"

I found the letter about the Wapen van der Vere in the papers from the Zeeuws Archief. I have difficulty in reading then handwriting, but what I can read says that the Wapen van der Vere was armed with 38 guns. The length was 123-1/2ft, the beam was 28ft, and the depth in the hold was 12ft. Several pages later, Captain Jan Olivierszoon is mentioned. He is who I believe commanded the Wapen van der Vere, as his ship definitely carried 38 guns. If anyone has expertise in reading handwritten Dutch from the 17th Century, I would either send you a scanned image, or by mail, send a photocopy. I would just hope to have a report on what you found.

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