Sunday, May 08, 2005

Dutch Naval Offficer: Pieter van Brakel

Pieter van Brakel either born in Rotterdam or Amsterdam in 1624. He was killed near Cadiz on 29 December 1664. He commanded in the invasion of Nyborg in 1659. He was killed in the defense of a merchantlfeet from Smyrna against an English squadron. He served the Admiralty of Amsterdam. He was appointed as an extraordinary captain on 25 November 1644. On 1 April 1647, he was promoted to captain. From 20 May 1659 until 1 September 1660, he served as a temporary Schout-bij-Nacht. This is from my translation of the piece in Luc Eekhout's book Het Admiralenboek. As usual, we know more about Pieter van Brakel than is found in Eekhout's book. From 1652 until 1653, he commanded the Bommel (30 guns). In 1664, he commanded the new Stad en Lande (48 guns). From 1658 until 1659, he commanded the Huis te Kruiningen (54 guns).

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