Saturday, May 28, 2005

I'm baffled at where reports that Gideon de Wildt's ship was taken at the Battle of the Kentish Knock

Gideon de Wildt's ship during the First Anglo-Dutch War was the Amsterdam ship Vrede (42-44 guns) built in 1650. The Vrede survived the 2nd Anglo-Dutch War,although it was not mentioned afterward. Both Michael Baumber and Hainsworth and Churches maintain the Gideon de Wildt was captured at the Kentish Knock, along with his ship and one other. Another ship was destroyed by explosion (the Noorder-kwartier ship Burgh van Alkmaar). In the battle, De Ruyter commanded the van, Witte de With the center, and Gideon de Wildt the rear. I have been checking references in The First Dutch War, Vol.II, and see nothing to indicate that Gideon de Wildt's ship was captured, along with him. The only captured ship that we know about is Claes Sael's ship, the Maria (30 guns). Dr. Elias's only mention of Gideon de Wildt at the Kentish Knock was that he commanded the rear. That is on page 75 of Schetsen uit de Geschiedenis van ons zeewezen. Dr. Elias states on page 81 that the only Dutch losses were Gerrit Nobel's ship, the Burgh van Alkmaar, and Claes Sael's ship, the Maria. Sources:
  1. Dr. Johan E. Elias, Schetsen uit de geschiedenis van ons zeewezen, Vol.III, 1925.
  2. Dr. S.R. Gardiner, Ed., The First Dutch War, Vol.II, 1900.

  3. Roger Hainsworth and Christine Churches, The Anglo-Dutch Wars 1652-1674, 1998.

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