Thursday, May 26, 2005

Retranslating Mollema's piece on Maarten Tromp

Given that I misunderstood Tromp's relationship to Piet Hein, I thought that I needed to retranslate J.C. Mollema's entry for Tromp:

23 April 1598-10 Aug 1653. Served the Admiraliteit of the Maze. Ship's boy in 1606. Quartermaster in 1617. Stuurman in 1618. Lieutenant in 1622. Captain in 1624. Lieutenant-Admiral in 1637.

1607 Served with his father under Van Heemskerck in the Battle of Gibraltar. 1610 sailed with a merchantman and was captured by an English pirate. 1621 a Moroccan captive. 1622-24 Served in the blockade fleet on the Flemish coast. 1626 Distinguished himself in a fight with 6 Dunkirkers. 1629 Flag captain of Piet Hein, witnessed his death, captured a Dunkirker, and was rewarded with a golden chain. 1630-34 Squadron commander in the blockade service before Dunkirk under Liefhebber, captured various privateers. 1638 Organized the tightening of the blockade of Dunkirk. 1639 Lead in the fight before Dunkirk and the Battle of the Downs. 1640-44 Blockade commander before Dunkirk. 1652-53 Commander-in-chief. There was the flag incident with Blake (that started the war). He led in the Battle of Dungeness, the Battle of Portland (the Three Days' Battle), the Battle of Nieuwpoort (the Gabbard), and Terheide (Scheveningen). He was killed in the last battle.

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