Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Privateers and Pirates site says "Harman Kleuter", but the correct name seems to be Hendrick Cleuter

Luc Eekhout doesn't list "Harman van Kleuter" in his list, but he does list Hendrick Dirckszoon Cleuter. The Privateers and Pirates site mentions a Harman van Kleuter in a piece about the privateer Jan Jacobszoon. Hendrick Cleuter was born in Amsterdam and died about 1631. He served the Admiralty of Amsterdam and was appointed as a captain in 1614. He was a Schout-bij-Nacht in 1627. This is from my translation of a very short entry in Luc Eekhout's Het Admiralenboek. I know a bit more about Hendrick Cleuter. In 1629, he commanded the 28-gun ship Haarlem. The Haarlem's crew was variously listed as 90 or 95 men. She was a vessel of 225 lasts. Her list of guns was: 2-24pdr, 4-18pdr, 16-12pdr, 6-5pdr and 7-steenstukken with 14 chambers. I have not included the steenstukken in the gun count, as Jan Glete says that they were swivels. These details are from the "Staet van Oorlogh te Water" for 1629.

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