Monday, May 30, 2005

Jan Jacobszoon van Nes (de Oude Boer Jaep)

Much of this information is thanks to Mr. Stapel. Jacob van Nes had two sons. One was Jan Jacobszoon van Nes (de Oude Boer Jaep). He lived from about 1600 until 1672. The other was his brother, also was named Jan Jacobszoon van Nes (de Jonge Boer Jaep). The first Jan Jacobszoon van Nes served the Admiralty of the Maze from 1614 until 1672. In 1652, he commanded the Rotterdam ship Gorcum (30 guns). In July and August, he had been in Tromp's fleet on the voyage to the Shetlands. He also fought in the Battle of the Kentish Knock. He was captured but his ship was released, as it was thought to be in a sinking condition. This incident came close to ending his career. Eventually, he was reinstated and served as De Ruyter's flag captain in the Four Days' Battle and the St. James's Day Battle. In 1672, he was given command of the Klein Hollandia (54 guns). He died defending the Smyrna Convoy against Sir Robert Holmes's squadron in 1672. His brother of the same name died in 1652, on board his son's ship, the Gelderland, at Le Havre. His son was Jan Janszoon van Nes (1631-1680), lieutenant on the Gelderland. The Gelderland had initially been detained in an English port at the start of the First Anglo-Dutch War but was apparently released. Sources:
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