Saturday, May 07, 2005

Dutch Captain: Abraham Crijnssen

Abraham Crijnssen served the Admiralty of Zeeland. He was born in either Vlissingen or Zierikzee. He died at Paramaribo, in Suriname, on 1 February 1669. He commanded in the Four Days' Battle and the St. James's Day Battle in 1666. He lead the expedition to capture Suriname and fought in the Battle of Nevis in 1667. He died during an expedition to Suriname. He was appointed as a captain in 1665. He may have been appointed as a temporary Schout-bij-Nacht in 1669. This is from my translation of the entry in Luc Eekhout's Het Admiralenboek. We also know that in 1666 and 1667, he commanded the frigate Zeelandia (34 guns). The Zeelandia had been completed in 1664.

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