Saturday, May 21, 2005

The jacht Haij

I don't believe that I have written about this, before. From the "Staet van Oorlog te Water voor den Jaere 1654" there is an entry for the jacht Haij. The ship was 6 years old in 1654, so she was probably built in 1648. Vreugdenhil calls her the Haai. She is number 73 in his list. In 1654, her captain was Jan Janszoon Blom. The handwritten list I have only gives her length and hold, but Vreugdenhil has the complete dimensions: 68ft x 17.5ft x 10ft. I suspect that these are in Maas feet of 308mm, as the jacht belonged to the Admiralty of the Maas, and all older vessels were specified in Maas feet. It was only the newer ships built during the First Anglo-Dutch War that Rotterdam used Amsterdam feet for the dimensions. That makes her dimensions in Amsterdam feet 74ft x 19ft x 11ft. We know the details of her armament from the Staet as 6-4pdr and 4-steenstukken. Jan Glete says that these latter pieces were swivels. Despite their name, by the mid-17th Century, they didn't fire stone shot. Stone shot went out of use, generally, due to the cost!

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